“On this New Year Day, let us toast the best to everyone, everywhere
To the farmers, that the harvest be a bounty
To the business people, that their entrepreneurship be profitable
To the workers, that they earn a good living
That hardship and poverty be past history

Let us toast joy to everyone, everywhere
That all hearts be gladdened

Let us fill up our glasses for more toasts
Toast to the soldiers departing to frontlines
Risking their lives for our sake – let their bravery be honored

Somewhere, an old mother longs for her son’s return, her sight blurred by the wait
Let this New Year bring him home in great maternal love
Let these glorious tunes warm the soldiers’ hearts – and gladden their loved ones

Let us toast happiness to lovers
To the artists for their great performances

Hey friends, join us in our sacred toast
Let us toast for Peace, Peace to all nations
That blood will spill no more, and peace be everywhere
And all may come home in loving care

Raise high this toast
Let the freedom sky be brightened
Let peace reign everywhere
And happiness be with everyone”

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