Khóa học Train the Trainer - Certified Training Professional (CTP)

Equip yourself with the knowledge of advanced L&D best practices, and gain recognition as a world-class training expert with ITD World’s Certified Training Professional (CTP)!

Our Train the Trainer course is trusted and adopted by various renowned organizations – including the United Nations (UN).

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Introduction to Certified Training Professional

The Certified Training Professional (CTP) program is developed by ARTDO International and ITD World – with the aim of equipping participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to become globally accredited trainers. The course covers five modules – plus a real-life research project – to unlock your potential as a training professional!

Since its inception in 2004 by Dr. Mario Aquino del Castillo, CTP has gradually gained the trust of esteemed international entities like the United Nations and the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF). For the past 15 years, the program has been adopted as an industry standard by various organizations worldwide.

In 2020, our Train the Trainer program underwent several major changes – such as:

  • Application of the latest ARTDO Competency Model, including new competencies like applying technological solutions and using appropriate methods.
  • An updated framework that better fits reality.
  • A Student Handbook and Guide (9th Edition) to help participants throughout their journey.
  • Access to more support via videos, seminars, and live training sessions.
  • A lecture model suitable for use in the workplace.
Train the trainer

Why join ITD’s Train the Trainer course?

1. Dedicated support

Our Train the Trainer course offers aspiring trainers the chance to gain access to a world of learning opportunities! Get dedicated one-on-one support from designated coaches – and take advantage of an extensive library filled with instructional videos.

Exchange manuscripts for personalized feedback, all while having in-person or online meetings at your convenience – boosting your knowledge wherever you are!

2. In-depth competency assessment

CTP participants will undergo a rigorous 2-stage competency assessment to ensure they have fully met all criteria for certification. A comprehensive evaluation process, including feedback from supervisors and stakeholders, as well as self-assessment of one’s completed projects, will be used in determining whether or not each trainee is fit to receive the Certified Training Professional award from ARTDO International and ITD World.

Chứng chỉ khóa học Train the Trainer online Certified Training Professional (CTP)

3. Trusted by international organizations

Since 2004, ITD’s Certified Training Professional (CTP) program has earned its stripes as a quality certification trusted by international organizations like the United Nations and Human Resource Development Fund. The fact that over 1000 certified trainers worldwide have completed the course so far is a testimony to this program’s status as an invaluable resource in setting world-class training standards.

Đánh giá khách hàng khóa học train the trainer CTP

Who should attend this Train the Trainer course?

  • Head of Training
  • Training Specialists
  • HR, Learning & Development Specialists.
  • Lecturers, teaching assistants, and technical experts who need to conduct training.
  • Those looking to practice their training skills at work.

Course details

Our comprehensive Train the Trainer course (CTP) is designed based on the ADDIE model – and is conducted over five days – each day focusing on a separate module.

Nội dung học phần khóa học train the trainer CTP

1. Analysis

Objectives: To provide participants with a strategic perspective on training and development, including how to identify performance gaps, their causes, and the methods for data collection.

Main content:

  • Organizational awareness
  • Performance orientation
  • Investigative analysis
  • Intervention selection.

2. Design

Objectives: To equip participants with the skills and knowledge necessary (e.g: mind mapping) for setting practical goals & designing effective training solutions.

Main content:

  • Understanding learning objectives
  • Instructional design (analysis) strategies
  • Organizing instructional materials
  • Developing assessment tools.
  • Adult Learning theory.
  • Plan learning solutions.

3. Development

Objectives: Gain a thorough understanding of how to construct an effective learning environment for adults. Participants will go through the principles and theories behind lesson planning, as well as strategies such as allocating appropriate time frames, and utilizing various teaching methods and tools like e-learning resources or self-study materials at home. Ultimately culminates in them being able to create their own successful set of learning materials tailored toward adult learners!

Main content:

  • Teaching process theories.
  • Prepare lesson plans & learning materials.
  • Application of technological solutions.

4. Implementation

Objectives: Help participants develop the confidence and skills needed to create a productive learning environment. The module focuses on preparing for lessons, leading activities that encourage communication and interaction, refining presentation abilities, and cultivating an atmosphere conducive to growth. In the end, participants can expect to gain knowledge on how best to foster collaborative learning experiences as well as personal development!

Main content:

  • Build & maintain a positive learning environment.
  • Encourage trainees’ learning and interaction.
  • Ensure training results is consistent with the end goals.

5. Evaluating Learning

Objectives: Understand the assessment of learning results – by exploring how to design hierarchical evaluation systems and utilize advanced methods/ tools for measuring effectiveness and improving trainees’ performances.

Main content:

  • Learning evaluation theory.
  • Learning result assessment.
  • Data collection.
  • Analysis & Reporting based on collected data.

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Learning format: Online.

Fee: 3500 USD/pax

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