Brenda Bence

Unlock your leadership potential & build a powerful personal brand with Brenda Bence – world’s #1 Global Branding Guru and executive coach!


  • Ranked as the #1 Global Branding Guru by Global Gurus in 2021.
  • Successfully built mega brands for Fortune 100 companies like Procter & Gamble and Bristol-Myers Squibb.
  • Held senior leadership positions for renowned brands spanning 50 countries.
  • Consistently recognized as one of the Top 10 World’s Coaching Professionals by Global Gurus.
  • Author of 11 highly acclaimed books, including the influential “Master the Brand Called YOU.”
  • Holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.
  • Extensive experience coaching and developing over 1,000 senior leaders from 60 nationalities across six continents and 70 industries.
  • Notable clients include Microsoft, Mastercard, Ogilvy, PWC, Standard Chartered, Johnson & Johnson, and UBS.


  • Personal Leadership Branding: Guiding individuals in crafting their unique leadership brands and amplifying executive presence.
  • Leadership Development: Empowering leaders to enhance their skills, drive organizational growth, and inspire their teams.
  • Public Speaking: Providing expert guidance on delivering impactful presentations and captivating audiences.
  • Executive & Business Coaching: Offering comprehensive coaching to executives, enabling them to excel in their roles and achieve their professional goals.

Detailed Biography

Brenda Bence is an exceptional professional dedicated to empowering organizations and executives in cultivating remarkable leadership brands. With a global footprint that spans 30 countries across six continents, she has had the privilege of working with some of the world’s most esteemed and influential organizations – including 3M, BCG, Citi, Credit Suisse, Deloitte, Johnson & Johnson, KPMG, and more.

Having coached nearly 1,000 executives hailing from diverse backgrounds and representing over 70 industries, Brenda has been instrumental in propelling these leaders toward peak performance. Her expertise and guidance have empowered executives from different nationalities to achieve extraordinary results.

Brenda’s influence extends beyond individual coaching sessions; she frequently takes the stage as a sought-after speaker at prestigious conferences, conventions, and corporate gatherings worldwide, captivating audiences with her wealth of knowledge and insights.

Brenda Bence

Consistently recognized as one of the world’s top coaching professionals and branding experts, Brenda’s accolades include being ranked in the Top 10 by Global Gurus and securing a place among the Top 50 World Leaders in Coaching by Thinkers50. Her impact extends to the realm of literature, as she has authored 11 award-winning books that serve as valuable resources for individuals seeking to enhance their executive coaching, leadership, and branding skills.

Brenda’s expertise also finds its way into various esteemed publications, where her columns offer valuable insights and advice. Additionally, she has made notable appearances as a guest on radio and television shows, sharing her profound knowledge and experiences with a broader audience.

Brenda Bence’s unwavering dedication to fostering exceptional leadership and branding has left an indelible mark on organizations and individuals worldwide, positioning her as a true authority in her field. Her unwavering passion and expertise continue to inspire and transform leaders, propelling them towards unparalleled success.