Dion Ooi

Unlock your true potential with Dion Ooi, internationally acclaimed training and development expert. Experience transformative learning and unleash your greatness today.


  • Director of Global Learning and Performance at ITD World, spearheading strategic initiatives in training and development on a global scale.
  • Impacted the lives of over 20,000 individuals through comprehensive training, coaching, and mentoring programs, leveraging more than two decades of experience.
  • Recognized for exceptional leadership abilities with the receipt of the Effective Leadership and Vice President Awards from Dell Computers.
  • Distinguished as a Certified Coaching and Mentoring Professional (CCMP), approved by the esteemed International Coach Federation (ICF), the preeminent global coaching body.
  • Attained certification as a Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) by the National Federation of NLP, USA, showcasing expertise in effective communication and personal transformation.
  • Acclaimed as a Certified Sales Trainer in the renowned SPIN Selling methodology, underscoring proficiency in sales techniques and strategies.
  • Acknowledged with the prestigious Trainer of the Month Award from New Horizons Computer Learning Center, USA, in recognition of outstanding training excellence.
  • Holds the esteemed certification of International Accredited Training Professional, affirming expertise in delivering high-quality training experiences.
  • Recognized as a Certified Trainer by the Human Resource Development Council (PSMB), Malaysia, for exceptional training competencies.
  • Garnered a Professional Certificate in Supply Chain Management from the United Nations’ International Trade Centre (ITC) in Geneva, Switzerland, signifying a deep understanding of supply chain dynamics and best practices.


  • Leadership Excellence: Empowering individuals and organizations with the skills and mindset to excel in leadership roles, driving success and inspiring high-performance teams.
  • Building Effective Teams: Guiding teams towards synergy and collaboration, fostering a culture of trust and productivity to achieve collective goals.
  • Influencing, Convincing Skills, and NLP Methods: Equipping individuals with powerful techniques to influence and persuade others effectively, utilizing Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) methodologies to enhance communication and achieve desired outcomes.
  • Winning with People: Cultivating exceptional interpersonal skills to establish and maintain positive relationships, enabling individuals to navigate complex social dynamics with finesse.
  • Coaching Skills: Harnessing the power of coaching to unlock potential, facilitate growth, and support individuals in achieving their goals.
  • Self-Mastery and Personal Excellence: Empowering individuals to develop self-awareness, master their emotions, and cultivate a mindset of personal excellence for continuous growth and success.
  • Creativity and Out-of-the-Box Thinking: Inspiring innovative thinking and creative problem-solving approaches to overcome challenges and drive organizational success.
  • Effective Work and Time Management: Equipping individuals with practical strategies and techniques to optimize productivity, manage priorities, and achieve optimal work-life balance.
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills: Enhancing communication effectiveness, including active listening, empathy, and assertiveness, to foster meaningful connections and resolve conflicts constructively.
  • Train-the-Trainer: Sharing expertise in training methodologies, facilitation techniques, and instructional design to empower trainers with the skills to deliver impactful and engaging learning experiences.
  • Powerful Presentation Techniques: Providing individuals with the tools and techniques to deliver compelling and persuasive presentations that captivate and engage audiences.
  • Customer Service Excellence: Enabling individuals to deliver exceptional customer experiences by developing customer-centric mindsets, effective problem-solving skills, and empathy in customer interactions.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Equipping individuals with the knowledge and strategies to build and nurture strong customer relationships, enhancing customer loyalty and driving business growth.
  • Sales and Sales Management: Developing sales professionals’ skills in prospecting, negotiation, relationship building, and sales management, leading to increased sales performance and revenue generation.
  • Purchasing, Supply Chain, and Negotiation Skills: Enhancing competencies in procurement, supply chain management, and negotiation techniques to optimize sourcing strategies and achieve favorable outcomes.


Dion Ooi is a renowned international training and development professional with a wealth of experience and expertise. With over two decades of outstanding performance in various leadership roles at Dell Computers, Dion has demonstrated his proficiency in Business and General Management, Information Systems, Sales and Marketing, Supply Chain Management, and Project Management. His extensive practical knowledge enables him to provide exceptional customer experiences, build and lead effective teams, and excel in learning and development, adult experiential learning, and coaching.

Dion’s training approach is characterized by dynamic and engaging experiential learning methodologies. His sessions come to life as he skillfully incorporates his business acumen and people skills, drawing on relevant examples and case studies from both local and international business environments. With his unique blend of tact, wit, and expertise, he ensures that the learning process is not only effective but also enjoyable.

One of Dion’s remarkable talents is his ability to extract the most pertinent insights and key takeaways from his training and workshops. This uncanny skill often leaves participants amazed, as if he is specifically addressing their own organizational context. By imparting instant knowledge and practical skills, Dion Ooi empowers participants to enact impactful changes within their respective organizations, delivering outstanding results.

Dion’s professional achievements have been widely recognized throughout his career. Notably, he has been honored with the Dell Effective Leadership Award for his exemplary management of a team of Contact Center Specialists, projects, and initiatives. Additionally, he received the prestigious Dell Vice President Award in recognition of his successful management of training projects and conferences. Furthermore, his dedication and expertise were acknowledged with the Trainer of the Month award from New Horizons Computer Learning Center, USA.

Beyond his accolades, Dion has excelled in organizing international and local events with remarkable efficiency. He firmly believes in the effective management of activities to achieve desired outcomes.

During his tenure leading a team of specialists in a contact center, Dion facilitated numerous interpersonal communication training programs, coaching sessions, counseling sessions, and team-building initiatives. Leveraging his extensive training industry experience, he also developed tailored training programs focused on leadership and interpersonal communication skills for various corporations.

Dion’s global reach extends to countless countries, where he has trained multinational companies such as Dell (both inside and outside sales teams), Intel, OSRAM, Air Asia, Motorola, Bosch, Infineon, Plexus, Sunway Group, ASTRO, Siemens, Western Digital, Honeywell, First Solar, Jabil, Kobe Precision, Benchmark Electronics, Escatec Electronics, Altera, Sony, TIM Electronics, Alliance Bank, Hong Leong Capital, Dongwha, Maybank, Tourism Australia, Nestle, Agilent Technologies, and many more.

To date, Dion Ooi’s expertise has positively impacted over 20,000 participants who have benefited from his training, coaching, workshops, seminars, and programs. His unwavering commitment to empowering individuals and organizations with practical knowledge and skills continues to drive his success and establish him as a trusted leader in the training industry.