Nina Tan

Discover the expertise of Dr. Nina Tan – renowned business advisor, trainer, and coach. With vast experience in management, mergers & acquisitions, and talent development, she empowers organizations to achieve success.


  • Enterprise Singapore Professional Business Advisor: Dr. Nina Tan serves as a trusted advisor to enterprises in Singapore, providing valuable insights and guidance to enhance their business operations and strategies.
  • Skills Future Mentor: Recognized for her expertise and passion for fostering skills development, Dr. Tan mentors aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals, equipping them with the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed in their respective fields.
  • Gallups USA Certified Coach: With her certification as a coach from Gallups USA, Dr. Tan brings her exceptional coaching abilities to the table, helping individuals and organizations unlock their full potential and achieve their goals.
  • ACTA Certified Advanced Certified Trainer: As an Advanced Certified Trainer under the Adult Education Professionalization framework, Dr. Tan demonstrates her commitment to delivering high-quality training programs and empowering learners with practical skills.
  • Fellow Chartered Accountant (London ACCA, Singapore ISCA): Dr. Tan’s professional standing as a Fellow Chartered Accountant reflects her extensive knowledge and expertise in financial management, providing her with a strong foundation to guide organizations in achieving financial success.
  • MBA Singapore Management University: Dr. Tan’s Master of Business Administration degree from Singapore Management University signifies her strong academic background and deep understanding of business principles, bolstering her ability to make strategic decisions and drive organizational growth.
  • PhD from Singapore Management University: Driven by her pursuit of knowledge and excellence, Dr. Tan holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Singapore Management University, solidifying her research capabilities and intellectual acumen.
  • Vice Chairman of the Accountancy Body ACCA board panel: As Vice Chairman of the board panel for the Accountancy Body ACCA, Dr. Tan plays a pivotal role in shaping the profession, ensuring high standards of ethics and expertise among accountants.
  • Institute of Art of War CEO: Serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute of Art of War, Dr. Tan demonstrates her deep understanding of strategy, leadership, and decision-making, leveraging ancient wisdom to guide modern business practices with a competitive edge.


  • Business Planning: Dr. Nina Tan possesses a keen ability to formulate strategic business plans that drive growth, maximize profitability, and ensure long-term success for organizations.
  • Management: With her extensive experience in senior management roles, Dr. Tan exhibits exceptional leadership skills and a deep understanding of effective management practices, enabling her to guide teams towards achieving their goals.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Dr. Tan’s expertise in mergers and acquisitions empowers organizations to navigate complex deals, identify synergies, and execute successful transactions that foster business expansion and value creation.
  • Data Analytics: Driven by her analytical mindset, Dr. Tan harnesses the power of data to derive meaningful insights, make informed decisions, and drive operational improvements, unlocking new opportunities for organizations.
  • Team Coaching: Dr. Tan’s talent in team coaching enables her to unlock the potential of individuals and foster cohesive, high-performing teams. Through her guidance and mentorship, she empowers teams to excel and achieve outstanding results.
  • Talent Management: Understanding the importance of talent in driving organizational success, Dr. Tan specializes in talent management strategies, including recruitment, development, and retention, ensuring organizations have the right people in the right roles to achieve their objectives.


Dr. Nina Tan is a remarkable individual with a diverse and accomplished background. With over two decades of experience in senior management roles across various industries, she has demonstrated her expertise as a Corporate CFO, a charismatic Trainer, and a successful Entrepreneur. Throughout her career, she has made significant contributions to prominent organizations such as BASF, Degussa, United Engineers Limited, Berger Paints Limited, Singapore Technologies, Jurong Port, Asia Renal Care, KPMG, and numerous successful start-ups.

One of Dr. Tan’s notable achievements was leading the merger of trunk radio businesses between SingTel and Singapore Telecommunication, showcasing her strategic prowess and ability to drive impactful transformations. Her leadership experience encompasses a wide range of areas, including mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, restructuring, risk management, sales, operations, financial modeling, business performance management, investment structuring, tax planning, treasury, and international financial reporting. This extensive expertise spans high technology, healthcare, telecommunications, and chemical industries.

In recognition of her outstanding financial acumen, Dr. Tan was honored with the prestigious “Best Art of War CFO” award by the Sun Tzu Art of War Institute in 2011. Currently, she serves as a specialist in the ACCA Global Education Forum, contributing her knowledge and insights both in London and Singapore.

Dr. Tan’s career has taken her across the globe, with international postings in the UK and China for a combined total of 13 years. Furthermore, she successfully owned and managed a business based in the United States for five years. Her professional reach extends across Asia Pacific, the US, and the UK.

Driven by her passion for empowering others, Dr. Tan has authored training syllabi utilized in the SkillsFuture (2017) and ASME’s (2016) Pmax programs, catering to entrepreneurs seeking to enhance their skills. She has also written two books, “Neuro Mind Awakening” (2015) and “Shape up to Scale up Your Business” (2014), which showcase her insights and expertise in business growth and personal development.

Recognized for her exceptional abilities, Dr. Tan has been appointed by the Singapore government’s SPRING body as a business advisor. In this role, she provides valuable guidance to SMEs, helping them strengthen their human resources, finance management, and productivity capabilities.

Dr. Tan’s impactful and engaging training programs have earned her the respect and admiration of multinational corporations and Fortune 500 corporate trainees worldwide. With her unique approach and vast global experience, she has delivered effective and lively sessions on entrepreneurship, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), strategy cascade, transformational leadership, strategic thinking and decision-making, visual business intelligence, masterclass boardroom presentations, and the Sun Tzu Art of War. Her expertise has been shared in various international locations, including Beijing, London, Malaysia, Shanghai, Rome, and Singapore.

Dr. Nina Tan’s extensive background, exceptional achievements, and passion for empowering others make her an outstanding professional in the fields of finance, training, and entrepreneurship. Her impressive track record and engaging approach have made her a highly sought-after advisor, trainer, and thought leader across the globe.