Sheh Seow Wah

Discover the expertise of Dr. Sheh Seow Wah – renowned management lecturer, consultant, and researcher. Explore his profound insights and impactful contributions to the field of management.


  • Certified in teaching for higher education in Singapore, demonstrating expertise in delivering engaging and impactful educational experiences.
  • Recognized as a certified trainer for the esteemed Confucius Institute of NTU, Singapore, contributing to the development of individuals through effective training methodologies.
  • Holds a doctorate degree in Transformational Leadership from Masstricht School of Management, the Netherlands, showcasing a profound understanding of leadership principles and their application in organizational contexts.
  • Served as an Adjunct Research Fellow for the esteemed University of South Australia until 2019, overseeing and guiding doctoral candidates in their research pursuits, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in various fields.
  • Boasts an impressive portfolio as an author, with 10 published books covering diverse subjects, offering valuable insights to readers worldwide. Additionally, has contributed extensively to academic literature, with over 100 articles, journals, and conference papers, solidifying expertise and establishing a reputation as a respected scholar.
  • Acknowledged as an esteemed reviewer for academic journals focusing on management papers, further highlighting expertise and influence in the scholarly community.


  • A seasoned management lecturer for tertiary institutions, captivating students with insightful and engaging lectures that foster a deep understanding of key management concepts and principles.
  • A highly regarded management consultant with a specialization in family business and change management, providing expert guidance and strategies to navigate the unique challenges faced by family-run enterprises and facilitating successful organizational transformations.
  • Extensive experience in lecturing and supervising post-graduate management students at both the Master’s and Doctoral levels, nurturing the intellectual growth and research capabilities of aspiring management scholars.
  • Acclaimed as a social science researcher, with a focus on exploring the intricacies of Chinese values, Chinese management and organizational practices, family management dynamics, Chinese classical and contemporary leadership models, and change management strategies.
  • Recognized as a respected reviewer for management journals, contributing to the academic community by critically assessing and providing valuable insights on cutting-edge research in the field of management.
  • Sought-after as a seminar and workshop speaker for both private and public institutions, captivating audiences with thought-provoking presentations and sharing practical knowledge and expertise on various management topics.
  • Distinguished as a conference speaker, delivering captivating presentations both locally and abroad, with appearances in notable conferences held in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, and China, contributing to the international discourse on management practices and trends.


Dr. Sheh Seow Wah has established himself as a distinguished educator, consultant, and researcher in the field of organizational behavior and management. With an impressive career spanning over 25 years, Dr. Sheh currently serves as an Associate at Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), where he delivers captivating lectures on various courses.

In addition to his role at SUSS, Dr. Sheh holds the esteemed position of associate lecturer at Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) Global Education, collaborating with renowned international universities. He has been sharing his expertise with RMIT in Australia since 2003, enlightening students on the intricacies of market research and macroeconomics. Since 2019, he has been an esteemed lecturer at La Trobe University, Australia, specializing in the field of entrepreneurship. Furthermore, he has been conducting MBA and MSc. dissertation workshops at the esteemed University of Birmingham, UK, since 2019.

Dr. Sheh’s vast knowledge and expertise extend beyond academia. He served as a Research Consultant for a prominent higher learning institution in Singapore from 2002 to 2011. His dedication to research has also led him to become an Adjunct Research Fellow for the University of South Australia. Over the years, he has successfully supervised 18 doctorate students from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and China, fostering the growth and development of aspiring scholars.

Recognized for his exceptional consulting skills, Dr. Sheh has worked as an internal Management Consultant cum Trainer for a notable shipping and resource-based conglomerate in Indonesia and Singapore, making a significant impact between 1994 and 1996, and again from 2007 to 2010. Additionally, his valuable insights have been sought by academic journals, as he serves as a reviewer for the prestigious World Journal of Economic and Finance, Premier Publisher. He also holds the esteemed position of Editorial Board member for the Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies Journal in the UK.

As a sought-after expert, Dr. Sheh is frequently invited to provide training and conduct seminars on leadership, supervision, management, and research design. Notably, he has been a Seminar Speaker for the Confucius Institute of Nanyang Technology University, enlightening audiences with his profound knowledge and captivating speaking style.

Dr. Sheh’s experience also includes his role as a Change Management consultant for a prominent Chinese business conglomerate in Indonesia, where he made significant contributions over several years. Furthermore, he served as an esteemed Organizational Behavior and Management Consultant for one of the ‘big six’ auditing and consulting firms in Malaysia. Prior to his career in academia and consulting, he amassed eight years of invaluable experience as a financier-cum-banker in Malaysia, working as a financial analyst.

Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Sheh has made substantial contributions to the academic world. He is the author of 10 published books, widely available on platforms such as Amazon and Kindle, covering a range of topics within his areas of expertise. Additionally, his dedication to research is evident through the publication of over 100 articles, journals, and conference papers, solidifying his reputation as a prolific and respected scholar.

Dr. Sheh Seow Wah’s passion for teaching, his invaluable contributions to consulting, and his unwavering commitment to research have positioned him as a leading figure in the field of organizational behavior and management. His expertise continues to inspire and empower individuals across the globe, making a lasting impact in the academic and professional spheres alike.