Edwin Godfrey Johnson

Edwin Godfrey Johnson: Certified Master Trainer & International Facilitator. Enhancing leadership, communication, and presentation skills for success. A veteran with 28 years of military expertise.


  • Certified Instructor and Master Trainer for renowned leadership programs, including ITD Mega Guru Signature Program “The 360° Leader” (John Maxwell) and “Developing The Leader Within You” (John Maxwell).
  • Seasoned specialist in enhancing business writing, communication, and presentation skills, with a deep understanding of related disciplines.
  • Highly experienced international trainer and facilitator, driven by an unwavering passion for excellence, and an extensive background spanning the Asia Pacific Region.
  • Distinguished military career spanning 28 years as a commissioned officer in the Malaysian Ordinance Corps, a pivotal branch of the Armed Forces Logistics Services.
  • Demonstrated expertise in logistics, leadership, training, service writing, and resource management.


  • Public Speaking & Presentation: Captivating public speaking and presentation skills that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact.
  • Leadership & Supervisory Competencies: Guiding individuals in cultivating effective leadership and supervisory competencies to drive organizational success.
  • Assertive Communication: Empowering individuals to develop assertive communication skills, fostering stronger relationships and achieving desired outcomes.
  • Business Letter & Report Writing: Proficient in crafting impactful business letters and reports that convey professionalism, clarity, and persuasive power.


LT COL (R) Edwin Godfrey Johnson is an esteemed Certified Coaching and Mentoring Professional (CCMP) specializing in Leadership and Personal Development. With an impressive array of qualifications, he holds an Advanced Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring and a Certificate in Performance Coaching, both recognized and accredited by the prestigious International Coach Federation (ICF) – the foremost professional coaching body in the world. Moreover, he is a distinguished Master Trainer for leadership development programs at ITD World (Institute of Training and Development), which were developed in collaboration with Dr. John C. Maxwell, renowned as the world’s number one leadership guru. Additionally, he serves as a certified trainer for the Essential Coaching and Mentoring Skills program, a valuable component of the esteemed Certified Coaching and Mentoring Professional program offered by ITD World.

Commissioned into the Malaysian Ordnance Corps in 1962, LT COL (R) Johnson’s distinguished military career spans an impressive 30 years. During his tenure, he amassed extensive leadership experience and received professional training – both domestically and abroad in various areas such as Inventory Management, Planning and Work Study, Personal Management, Warehousing Operations, Supply & Materials Management, as well as Leadership and Training Methodology. His commitment to growth and development led him to graduate from the esteemed Armed Forces Staff College in 1980.

Transitioning from military service, LT COL (R) Johnson embarked on a highly successful ten-year career in the life insurance industry. He began as a corporate trainer at Speech Dynamics, an institution established by Gerald Green, a Toastmaster Accredited Speaker. At Speech Dynamics, he conducted training in courses on Public Speaking Skills, Conversational English for the Hospitality Industry, Telephone Communication Skills, and Articulation Skills for Toastmasters. Furthermore, he served as a professional trainer for the Malaysian Institute of Management (Penang Branch) from 1995 to 2005, delivering courses on Leadership, Supervisory Skills, and Business Communication. Since then, LT COL (R) Johnson has devoted his expertise to ITD World as a Senior Consultant and Trainer.

His repertoire of courses has expanded significantly, encompassing a wide range of essential topics such as Leading Without Title, Developing the Leader In You, Essential Coaching and Mentoring Skills, Developing Leadership and Communication Skills for Supervisors, Telephone Skills for Customer Service, Business Writing Skills for Managers and Secretaries, and Power Speaking and Presentation Skills. Displaying his wealth of experience in Speaking and Presenting, he recently co-authored a book titled “Power Speaking, Communicating at Head and Heart Level for Maximum Success” – alongside Dr. Peter Chee, CEO of ITD World, and Dr. William J. Rothwell.

Beyond his impressive credentials, LT COL (R) Johnson possesses an undeniable passion for training, evident in his engaging interaction with course participants. His humorous and relaxed style creates an environment conducive to “Learning in moments of enjoyment.” Since 1995, he has consistently delivered outstanding training and development programs for numerous leading organizations, receiving praise and exceptional feedback from participants and clients alike.