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Tên sáchPower Speaking: Connecting at Head & Heart Level for Maximum Results
Tác giảTS. Peter Chee, TS. William Rothwell & Edwin Johnson
Bìa mềm230 trang
Kích thước6 x 0.58 x 9 inch
Ngôn ngữTiếng Anh
Nhà xuất bảnPartridgeSingapore

Nội dung sách “Power Speaking”

This book is the fulfillment of a dream—a dream to make a difference for people who have found it a challenging task to deliver a speech or give a high-impact presentation with confidence, clarity, and conviction. If you wish to speak with power and passion and to maximize your potential, then this is your book to make your dreams come true.

We cannot over-emphasize enough the importance of being able to speak and present well. There are constant demands on today’s leaders and managers to speak with impact in:

  • Team Meetings.
  • Client, Investor and Government Presentations.
  • Operational Briefings.
  • Company Events.
  • Product Launches.
  • Project Progress Reports.
  • Community Functions.
  • Group Coaching and Mentoring.
  • Training, Facilitation and Motivational Talks.

In order to produce a book that will effectively help you we have drawn from lessons learnt from the iconic masters of speaking and presenting, masters like John C. Maxwell, Steven Covey, Anthony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy to name a few. We have studied their styles, principles and techniques in workshops and training sessions; We have applied what we have found to be most effective in our corporate training programs and we have seen the difference it has made on us and our participants. In books like ‘Presenting To Win’ (Jerry Weissman), we have gathered expert guidance on developing the right story (Content) and the importance of speaking with the audience’s interests in mind. From Carmine Gallo’s ‘The Presentation Secrets Of Steve Jobs’, we have learnt the skilful use of power-point, show-and-tell techniques and the need for constant, rigorous practice for power presentations.


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