Khóa học Thiết kế giảng dạy (Certificate in Instructional Design & Development)

ITD World’s Instructional Design certification course (CIDD) is designed to equip participants with the expertise and knowledge necessary for crafting highly impactful learning materials and experiences.

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Introduction to Certificate in Instructional Design & Development (CIDD)

Online learning has gained significant traction within recent years, particularly as a result of prolonged social distancing measures. This trend coincides with the rise and widespread adoption of novel learning formats, including micro lessons, mobile-based learning, immersive learning platforms, and virtual hands-on applications.

Given the pressing necessity to equip workers with new skills, organizations are increasingly seeking solutions from dedicated departments/ agencies dedicated to internal training design.

ITD World’s instructional design course – the Certificate in Instructional Design & Development (CIDD) – is created to address such a need. Participants of the program will be empowered to apply design thinking methodologies and an array of instructional tools to construct and enhance compelling, inventive learning journeys.

Instructional design

What can be expected from ITD’s Instructional Design course?

Our Instructional Design course (CIDD) is meticulously crafted to equip participants with an advanced understanding of curriculum design principles – plus the adeptness to conceive and forge instructional materials. The program’s content spans over a diverse spectrum, encompassing:

  • Education Science.
  • Design Thinking.
  • Pedagogical Theories.
  • Teaching System Design.
  • E-learning Tools, Technology, and Learning Systems.
  • Training Methods & Support.
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.
  • Coaching and Mentoring.
  • Outcome Evaluation.

Upon successful completion of this comprehensive training program, participants should be able to demonstrate proficiency in:

  • Articulating the fundamental tenets of instructional design.
  • Analyzing prominent theories underpinning adult learning and instruction.
  • Skillfully applying cutting-edge process templates to documentation design endeavors.
  • Dissecting the multifaceted analytical components intrinsic to instructional design.
  • Crafting courses and immersive learning encounters for both instructor-led and autonomous learner-driven trajectories.
  • Proposing captivating and interactive strategies tailored for self-directed learning.
  • Constructing adaptable frameworks to suit diverse course models.
  • Executing a meticulous and all-encompassing assessment strategy to gauge instructional outcomes.
Instructional design

Who should attend this Instructional Design course?

ITD World’s cutting-edge Instructional Design course caters to a diverse range of dynamic professionals, including:

  • Instructors & Coordinators who aspire to elevate their pedagogical prowess.
  • Learning & Development (L&D) Specialists committed to honing their expertise.
  • Subject-matter Experts (SMEs) looking to amplify their impact through finely-tuned instructional design.
  • HR Specialists keen on fostering innovative learning initiatives.
  • Those with a passion for sculpting impactful course content and pioneering solutions that fuel the realms of learning and talent development.
Khóa học instructional design

Training methodologies

Certificate in Instructional Design & Development (CIDD) course content is designed to span over 4-5 weeks. Each week covers 2 modules, each of which lasts for 2 hours.

As part of our commitment to your growth, ITD has developed a Learning Management System (LMS) that will seamlessly deliver supplementary videos and instructional resources to deepen your learning experience.


  • Online learning sessions: 8 immersive 2-hour sessions, contributing to a cumulative total of 16 hours.
  • Self-paced e-Learning: 8 modules, each taking around 6 hours to complete, culminating in a total of approximately 48 hours.

Your progress will be thoughtfully evaluated through:

  • Pre & Post Course Assessments: Gauge your learning journey’s evolution with a preliminary and concluding assessment.
  • Module-Based Exercises: Immerse yourself in short exercises accompanying each module, providing hands-on application of newfound insights.
  • Project Capstone: Showcase your expertise by crafting and presenting a fully developed course, cementing your mastery of instructional design concepts.

Course details

Nội dung khóa học instructional design

1. Foundation knowledge of Instructional Design

  • Decoding common terms in instructional design.
  • History of instructional design.
  • Purpose of instructional design.
  • Moving from instructional to learning design.

2. Adult learning theory

  • 6 principles of adult learning.
  • The intersection of neuroscience and adult learning.
  • Navigating the labyrinth: Robert Gagne’s theory of learning conditions.

3. Design thinking

  • Introduction to Design thinking.
  • Gagne’s navigational 9-step guide.
  • Merrill’s guiding principles.
  • Exploring the Accelerated Learning Model (ALM).

4. Design learning system

  • ADDIE Model.
  • Personalized training theory.
  • SAM Model.

5. Pedagogical analysis

  • Unearth the roots of performance bottlenecks and their causal factors.
  • Embark on the pre-design voyage of Front-end Analysis.
  • Predict and address future skill gaps with acumen.

6. Curriculum design

  • Explore learning material design workflows.
  • Navigate the multi-dimensional terrain of learning objectives.
  • Choose your optimal learning strategy.
  • Master the art of crafting impactful micro lessons.

7. Crafting course materials

  • Construct materials for instructor-led synchronous online courses.
  • Curate materials for dynamic asynchronous online learning.
  • Weave through tools, techniques, and a seamless step-by-step process for content development.
  • Harness the Learning Management System (LMS) and learning experience platforms to amplify engagement.

8. Evaluate results

  • Engage in formative evaluation through the lens of sample course intricacies.
  • Embrace the comprehensive summative evaluation, influenced by the Kirkpatrick model.
  • Embody real-world learning assessment models for a holistic grasp.

Instructional Design certification issue

The Certificate in Instructional Design & Development (CIDD) is conferred upon those who have successfully completed ITD’s Instructional Design course. Notably, it is recognized by ARTDO International as well as its esteemed consortium of member organizations.

As a product of the partnership between ARTDO International and ITD World, the CIDD Instructional Design course stands as a beacon of transformative learning. To earn this distinguished credential, aspiring professionals are expected to meet the following requirements:

  • Having finished in an immersive, competency-driven skills development program, spanning 8 meticulously curated modules that unfold over a dynamic 4-5 week period.
  • Cementing your proficiency by submitting a certification report, an indispensable testament that underscores the practical application of the acquired skill set. This report should be presented within a 90-day window upon course completion, showcasing your expertise in action.

Meet ITD’s Instructional Design course trainer

mario aquino del castillo

Meet Dr. Mario Aquino del Castillo – distinguished Senior Advisor at ITD World. With an impressive career spanning decades, he has seamlessly navigated roles as a visionary trainer, adept training and learning manager, accomplished executive director, seasoned senior consultant, and an architect of exceptional training program designs.

Dr. Mario’s illustrious journey also includes a tenure as the esteemed President of both the Asian Regional Training and Development Organization (ARTDO) and the Philippine Talent Development Association (PSD).

Dr. Mario stands as the mastermind behind the groundbreaking Train the Trainer course Certified Training Professional (CTP), another product of the remarkable collaboration between ARTDO and ITD World. He is also the co-creator of the highly regarded Certificate in Talent Development & Learning Professional (CTLP) program, a venture realized in partnership with the esteemed Dr. William Rothwell from the University of Pennsylvania. 

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