Khóa học Quản lý nhân tài kế nhiệm (Certificate in Talent, Competency Succession Management)

Enhance your HR skills for career growth by joining the Certificate in Talent, Competency & Succession Management – brough to you by our HRD expert, Dr. William Rothwell from the University of Pennsylvania!

In the current competitive economic environment, many companies are struggling to source and nurture top-notch talent. In order to remain competitive, organizations must find ways to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to securing quality personnel.

The Certificate in Talent, Competency & Succession Management (CTCSM) program provides the strategies necessary to effectively manage the workforce, attract and retain talented individuals while navigating challenging global economic conditions. From recruitment to tactics that increase productivity levels, the course has everything needed for those looking to maintain an edge over competitors by leveraging skilled professionals within its ranks.

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Introduction to the Certificate in Talent, Competency & Succession Management

Successful businesses know the importance of having a talented workforce. In fact, research has proven that a single skilled employee can generate 20 times more output than an average worker, illustrating how essential it is to have top talent in your organization.

The Certificate in Talent, Competency & Succession Management is built to give participants an in-depth look at how effective talent, competency, and succession management strategies can create a sustainable competitive advantage for their organization – even during tough economic times. Dr. Rothwell will guide them through this process and arm them with the skills necessary to excel in today’s ever-evolving business landscape.

Within five days, participants will have the opportunity to gain advanced knowledge of talent management, competency modeling, and succession management. Throughout the learning sessions, they will be exposed to a comprehensive curriculum covering key success factors – as well as the latest developments, tools, and techniques that can be put into action right away.

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Who should attend this Talent Management course?

Recommended for: Senior Managers, General Managers, HR Leaders, Vice Presidents, and those looking to hone their Talent Management skills.

This comprehensive course offers the perfect balance of eLearning and interactive workshops over five days. Each session is 1.5 hours long – followed by an additional 6 hours of additional self-paced learning per day!

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Course objectives

  • Understand how talent management, talent development, succession planning, and succession management are connected.
  • Learn ways to make a business case for employing these strategies in tough economic times
  • Explore the strategic model for driving talent management and development.
  • Analyze methods of competency identification, assessment, and modeling.
  • Examine best practices for evaluating performance as part of a toolkit for developing skills.
  • Understand potential assessment versus performance management.
  • Identify creative techniques for recruiting and selecting talented individuals.
  • Implement successful individual development plans.
  • Discuss technical succession planning around knowledge workers and social relationship succession planning related to marketing & sales roles.
  • Study approaches to retaining top talent.
  • Develop an action plan after completing the course.
Chứng chỉ Quản lý Tài năng, Năng lực và Kế nhiệm (Certificate in Talent, Competency and Succession Management)

Course details

nội dung khóa học quản lý nhân tài CTCSM

1. Talent Management & Development

  • Understand the definitions and importance of talent management & development.
  • Learn how to make a persuasive business case for investing in these areas despite tough economic times.
  • Explore a model which can be used as a guide when managing and developing talent.
  • Understand how to use the model step-by-step, with questions answered throughout.
  • Engage in activities that help pinpoint your organization’s needs versus best practice.

2. Competency Modeling

  • Overview of the competency modeling: Exploring global differences.
  • Key reasons for implementing competencies in management.
  • Using management models to enhance organizational performance.
  • Technical requirements and strategies for successful competency modeling.
  • Developing engaging tactics to increase satisfaction with technical competency modeling.

3. Performance Management & Potential Assessment

  • Understand what Performance Management is, and why it is important for managing and developing talent.
  • Discover the connection between performance management and potential assessment.
  • Practice Performance Management: Activities to get an in-depth understanding of this concept.
  • Learn about Potential Assessment: Explore how this relates to performance management.

4. Recruiting and Selecting Talent

  • A comprehensive overview of recruiting & selecting talent: What it is, why we need to get creative with it, and what the research has to say.
  • Put recruiting strategies into action with an engaging activity.
  • Put selection strategies into practice through a participatory exercise.
  • Wrap-up: Debriefs on both activities to explore their impact.

5. Alternative Sources of Talent

  • What are alternative sources of talent, and why are they important?
  • How can alternative sources of talent help with meeting talent needs?
  • Activity that demonstrates the usefulness of an alternative source for finding talented people.
  • Debriefing to analyze the results of the above activity.

6. Individual Development Planning

  • Learn what individual development is and how to put it into practice using competencies as a guide.
  • Examine the different approaches available for individual development planning.
  • Understand how plans are formed, implemented, and evaluated.
  • Take part in activities that help discover new strategies for individual development progress.
  • Discuss ideas around talent management and pioneering approaches in employee training and growth initiatives during a debriefing session following the activity.

7. Talent Is More than Staffing

Technical Succession Planning

  • Unlocking the potential of your technical talent.
  • The secrets behind a strategic approach to succession planning.
  • Strategies for passing down essential skills and knowledge.
  • Exploring effective techniques for transferring expertise.
  • A hands-on activity: Designing a successful program.

Social Relationship Succession Planning

  • Social relationship succession planning: What is it and how does it work?
  • A model for guiding social relationship succession planning.
  • Practical techniques for transferring professional contacts.
  • Activity to help understand the process of social relationship succession planning.

8. Retaining Talent

  • How can an organization ensure they retain their most talented employees?
  • What are the best retention strategies to use?
  • Explore how your organization’s approach to retention compares to industry best practices.
  • Consider activities and initiatives that could help improve employee retention rates in the workplace.
  • Reflect on the importance of focusing more attention on talent retention efforts within a comprehensive talent program.

Meet your instructor

william rothwell

Dr. William J. Rothwell is an esteemed professor of Human Resource Development at the Pennsylvania State University. He is the President of the consulting firm Rothwell & Associates Inc., with over 40 multinational corporations as clients!

With a career spanning four decades in Performance, OD, and HR fields since 1979 along with authorship or co-authorship credit to more than 150 books (some being bestsellers!), Dr. Rothwell is a renowned expert in the field of Human Resource Development. He has been invited to give lectures at universities around the world on various topics related to HRD and Performance Improvement.

Dr. Rothwell is a sought-after keynote speaker for international conferences and seminars focusing on organizational development, training and development, performance management, change management, and related topics.

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