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Our Certified Human Resource Business Partner (CHRBP) training course is designed to equip HR professionals with the necessary knowledge and competencies to become a global strategic business partner. Upon completing a capstone project that illustrates evidence of successfully applying the CHRBP competencies in your organization, you will be awarded a professional “Certified CHRBP” certification from ARTDO/ITD World.

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Why organizations need HRBP training

ITD’s HR Business Partner training is designed based on recent changes to the role of HR in organizations. Nowadays, executives are expecting HR to demonstrate their strategic contribution and value to the organization and the business. A significant part of that expectation requires major HR Transformation in their delivery model as well as mindsets. A part of this mega shift is the emergence of a role called the HRBP (Human Resource Business Partner) role.

While HR transformation is sometimes a term in search of meaning, it usually means a fundamental re-chartering of what the organization’s HR Department is to do, why it exists, and what efforts it undertakes. CEOs have continually stated that they want a more proactive HR Department that operates at the strategic rather than tactical level.

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“For HR to master a new role, centered on deliverables with new patterns of behaviors, both learning and unlearning needs to occur. Learning means appreciating new alternatives; unlearning means letting go of the past.”

Prof Dave Ulrich, co-founder of HR Consulting firm RBL

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Introduction to Certified HRBP course

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The Certified Human Resource Business Partner (CHRBP) is designed to meet the above needs of businesses. Exclusively for those working in the field of Human Resource Management, the course helps equipping people with important knowledge to take on the position of HRBP in the company.

Our HRBP training course describes how to reinvent and fundamentally transform HR in an organization, describing various strategic choices for a new HR so as to transform HR into a true business partner. To meet the challenges of the future, HR practitioners must move beyond technical professionals to becoming true HR partners and strategic change agents.

With the recent e-learning trend, participants now have the choice of attending our HRBP certification course online – so that they can better arrange their time, as well as access our online toolkit anytime and anywhere.

“It (HRBP) is not a model, it is a mindset. Lots of companies have a business partner model, but the partner is the same as an HR generalist.”

Guy Ellis, co-founder of consulting company Courageous HR

Why should I attend this HRBP training course?


ITD World’s certified HRBP training is designed to equip participants with the mindset and competencies necessary to take on the role of HR as a strategic partner. By attending this 5-day workshop, you will be energized and have a reformed HR professional persona:

  • Self-belief in your personal ability to make a strategic difference to the business.
  • Belief in the strategic value of the HR function.
  • Confidence to have a strong point of view and express it even if it proves unpopular.
  • Knowledge and experience of the business and its intricacies and an ability to communicate in business terms.
  • An ability to build long-term, credible and trusting relationships with business (clients) and with HR colleagues.
  • A focus on delivering business outcomes through leveraging the whole HR function and acting as a strong role-model for the rest of the HR team.
Chứng chỉ HRBP của ITD

Certified Human Resource Business Partner (CHRBP) award – by ITD World & ARTDO

Who should attend this HR business partner certification course?

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The Certified Human Resource Business Partner (CHRBP) is a great choice for:

  • HR Managers
  • Directors
  • Vice Presidents
  • OD Practitioners and
  • Senior Executives responsible for HR functions.

Course objectives

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Upon completing the 5-day program, participants will be able to:

  • Define the term HR transformation and mega trends impacting that transformation.
  • Reflect on and identify strategies to address the key megatrends.
  • Define the term human resource partnering.
  • Describe and summarize unique choices in HR transformation and HR partnering.
  • Examine in depth what Talent Management is and how it can become the focus of HR transformation.
  • Come up with a blueprint of a Strategic HR transformation and partnering plan and implementation.
  • Strengthen your personal credibility by building a set of partnering competencies that will make a difference to the business in strategy, change management, and organizational development and performance front.
  • Establish an effective HR Metrics and Analytics framework that provides critical business insights to the human capital model of the enterprise.
  • Deliver a differentiated and distinct integrated talent management capability to the enterprise.

Course details

Our certified HRBP training course is comprised of the following 6 modules:

  • Decoding business partner competencies, roles, expectations
  • Leading change & transformation
  • Becoming a trusted internal OD consultant
  • Leveraging HR metrics & analytics
  • Shaping the future of Talent management & Leadership capital
  • Designing & delivering Agile HR capabilities
Sự khác nhau giữa HR và HRBP

1. Decoding business partnering

  • Partnering – 5 Pre-Requisites to Sit At The Business Table (360 Assessment)
  • HR Transformation – the Ulrich Change Champion Model
  • Contracting RACI With Business Leaders – Business RACI, HRBP RACI for People Processes
  • The (HRBP + OD = HR Strategist) Integrated Competency Model
  • RBL’s HRCS Round 7 Model (Organization Enablers, Core Competencies, Delivery Enablers)
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2. Managing change

  • 3 Levels of Change Management (Design, Implement, Sustain)
  • Managing Expectations of Stakeholders
  • Overcoming Change Resistance; Change Readiness Diagnostics
  • Review of 3 Change Models (ADKAR, Kotter, GE CAP)
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3. Organizational development (OD) – Consulting

  • The 7Cs of Effective Internal Consulting
  • OD – Sx, Hx, Dx, Tx – Diagnostics & Design Thinking
  • Tools & Methods for Organization Vitality Check
  • Organization Capability-Vitality Audit
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4. HR metrics & analytics (HRMA)

  • 3 Aspects of HRMA Value-Add: Reporting, Interpreting, Leveraging
  • Differentiating Between HRMA and EFMA
  • Important Roles & Responsibilities for Organizing the HRMA Function
  • Metrics vs Analytics (Working In the Business, Evaluating the Business, Working On the business)
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5. Talent management & Leadership

  • Talent Definition & Talent Segmentation
  • Future Centricity of Talents = Future of Work
  • Setting Up an Integrated Talent Management Capability
  • Managing the Talent Brand
  • 3 Perspectives on Succession Planning
  • Strategic Career Coaching
Khóa học Cải thiện hiệu suất nhân viên (HPI) cho cấp quản lý

6. Agile HR

  • VUCA of Business – Agile Human Resource Capability (Agile Leaders, Agile Employees, Agile HR Systems)
  • Designing Future Agile – 3 Adaptive Conversations (Agile Workflow, Agile Workplace, Agile Workforce)
  • Enabling the “AwE” Agile Model

Meet ITD’s Certified HRBP Trainer

KC Yan

Our Certified HRBP training is delivered by master KC Yan, who has had more than 40 years of experience in HRBP and HRD.

  • Senior Principal Consultant at ITD World with over 40 years of international experience.
  • Ex Sr Human Resources Director, Asia-Pacific and Japan of Freescale Semiconductor, Swiss Reinsurance and Motorola.
  • Headed the human capital function responsible for 23,000 employees across 12 different countries in the AP region.
  • KC managed cross functional projects leading teams from the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa as Global HR Senior Leadership Team member.
  • Held different roles from Supervisor to Supply Chain and Manufacturing Operations Manager before moving into Human Resources, OD, Learning & Development and HR Business Partnering.
  • Transformed business strategies into executable human capital change initiatives that showed in strategic results.
  • Certified Coaching & Mentoring Professional and Masters in Industrial Management from University of East Asia, Macau.
KC Yan
KC Yan

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