Certified Chief Master Coach (CCMC)

Certified Chief Master Coach (CCMC) is ITD World’s prestigious coaching certification – created specifically for those looking to attain coaching mastery by learning from our world-class gurus.

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Introduction to Certified Chief Master Coach

ITD World’s Certified Chief Master Coach (CCMC) is the pinnacle of professional coaching credentials, developed by five renowned experts in leadership and executive development. This comprehensive program is comprised of 5 modules – intended to support individuals and businesses in reaching their full potential:

  • Life Coaching – A holistic approach to personal fulfillment and joy.
  • Strategic Business Coaching – Tactics, strategies, and resources to gain competitive advantages within the market.
  • Executive Coaching – Rejuvenates leadership performance through personalized guidance tailored to each individual.
  • Disruptive Team Coaching – Employs collaboration techniques that boost team productivity and efficiency.
  • Coaching Culture – Promotes sustainable growth objectives through strategic implementation of coaching fundamentals within an organization.

These 5 comprehensive modules are designed to equip leaders with essential coaching skills that can be applied to life and work. After completing the course, participants will have gained mastery of all topics necessary for producing positive results in business endeavors – as well as relationships in life.

What makes ITD’s Master Coach program special?

  • Chance to gain knowledge and skills from five of the top Master Coaches in the world.
  • Access to advanced coaching techniques, tools, documents, mobile apps, and interactive eLearning platforms.
  • Achieve personal growth and success with practical assignments and projects.
  • Promotes a high-performance coaching culture that can lead to long-term success and prosperity for businesses.
  • Personal mentorship from expert coaches throughout the journey.
  • Expands professional networks by connecting with top leaders and thought experts.
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App & toolkit

Participants who complete the program will receive the internationally-recognized Certified Chief Master Coach award from ITD World. This certificate is officially acknowledged by the esteemed International Coach Federation (ICF), granting recipients access to unparalleled opportunities in their field of expertise.

Chứng chỉ Certified Chief Master Coach (Chứng chỉ CCMC)
Certified Chief Master Coach (CCMC) - ICF chính thức công nhận

Who should attend the Certified Chief Master Coach?

To be eligible for this exclusive training opportunity and achieve your professional goals, one should meet two out of the three criteria below:

  • Hold the position of CEO, C-level executive or senior manager.
  • Already possess a coaching certificate.
  • Have a vision aligned with the program’s objectives – this will be assessed through a personal interview.

If you’re new to the coaching scene and don’t have a certification yet, we recommend that you start with our signature Certified Coaching & Mentoring Professional (CCMP) training program. This will give you an in-depth understanding of what it takes to be successful in both coaching and mentoring.

Training course content

The CCMC program consists of 5 modules – each of which lasts for 3 days x 5 hours of study/day:

  1. Life coaching
  2. Executive coaching
  3. Disruptive team coaching
  4. Strategic business coaching
  5. Coaching culture
Life coaching

1. Life Coaching

  • Learn foundational concepts in life coachings, such as psychology and different approaches to successful coaching.
  • Deepen understanding of the Coaching Mastery Model (CMM) and the Situational Coaching Model (SCM).
  • Master nine of the most advanced coaching techniques available today.
  • Utilize an evaluation system through five levels of autonomy – the “5 levels of mastery” system – to detect challenges that need to be addressed, identify potential capabilities, and determine what needs to be improved in both personal and professional life.
  • Implement coaching techniques and tools designed for attaining success and happiness, such as the 5 stages of Purpose Adjustment for goal-setting and Life Harmony, KASH, PFIR Model, and 7 patterns for joyfulness as core components of contentment.
  • Apply the 5-level model of autonomy when engaging in various training activities with people from different backgrounds and circumstances.

2. Executive Coaching

  • Identify and analyze the goals, values, beliefs, and habits of the executive to effectively develop an individualized coaching plan.
  • Utilize a 360-degree assessment approach that integrates research results, surveys, and interviews with colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of the executive’s behavior and performance.
  • Develop customized strategies that align with executives’ life purpose, passion, values , and vision for sustainable growth and habit change.
  • Facilitate growth through unique coaching tools such as goal-setting exercises, active listening sessions, action planning activities, role-playing exercises, storytelling methodologies, and more.
  • Provide tailored support for a range of teams including executives, talents, successors, and entry-level employees during critical transitions (e.g., business transformation or crisis management).
  • Design programs to address specific areas where executives may lack motivation or goodwill by utilizing appropriate coaching techniques such as challenging questioning methods or directive feedback strategies.
Disruptive team coaching

3. Disruptive Team Coaching

  • Learn the power of team coaching in enabling organizations to build high-performing teams and tap into the potential of their employees from different departments, countries, and backgrounds.
  • Breakthrough assessment methods, processes, and tools to enhance team performance and develop talent in senior management, as well as talented individuals.
  • How to choose the right group coaching solution depending on time constraints and situational needs.
  • Promote positive behavior changes among team members as well as across the business organization.
  • Support more effective communication, collaboration, motivation, problem-solving capabilities, and teamwork effectiveness for greater success in reaching goals and objectives.

4. Strategic Business Coaching

  • Learn and apply powerful coaching techniques to help build a strategic competitive advantage.
  • Master the process of coaching to unleash the potential of strategic leaders.
  • Gain skills in using training to create effective business strategies.
  • Become adept in scenario-based coaching for success in the modern world.
  • Understand how to coach during a crisis, and use this knowledge to transform businesses and realize visions through changing strategies.
  • Participate in training for both creative projects and business startups.
  • Develop proficiency with strategic team coaching principles and practice methods to achieve results.
  • Identify key areas of expertise which will prove useful when developing, evaluating, and applying training models and tools such as business models, strategy mapping, risk management, supply chain optimization, customer engagement strategies, employee engagement strategies, and flexible strategies which can be adapted to any situation or environment.
Văn hóa coaching

5. Coaching Culture

  • Establish a coaching culture that aligns with the company’s vision, mission, values, strategies and goals.
  • Assess progress and achievement of the coaching culture with effective assessment methods and procedures.
  • Create an incentivizing matrix of outcomes and rewards to accelerate the process of cultural change.
  • Design a training practice system for employees to facilitate their understanding of their roles in the transition process toward success.
  • Implement corporate change processes and methods for successful cultural transformation throughout the organization.
  • Appoint a Head Coach (Chief Master Coach) and CEO to engage in developing internal coaching capabilities among team members and stakeholders.
  • Designate measurable short-term and long-term goals to gauge success in transitioning into a high-performance coaching culture that is sustainable in growth potentials.

Meet our team of Chief Master Coaches

The Certified Chief Master Coach (CCMC) program offers an exclusive chance to learn from the world’s best coaching and leadership experts. With decades of experience in multinational organizations, these masters have coached CEOs across industries like Apple, Ford, Goldman Sachs and more!

During this course, our esteemed thought leaders will be sharing their invaluable insights with you.


Khách hàng chứng thực

Siemens Power

CCMC’s virtual trainings and coaching, interwoven with carefully chosen Gurus and Professionals have made this program more than any of us ever expected. Thank you for such a well-run course. Dr Peter, I have not seen anyone who equals or exceeds your abilities or skills.

Guy Rowse
Khách hàng chứng thực

Cựu CEO,
Malaysian Institute of Insurance

I thought I had done it all in my 22 years as CEO. I was pleasantly surprised that the CCMC is superior to other coaching courses. We learn first-hand from global top gurus and immediately apply the lessons in role-modelling exercises. The CCMC program is indeed second to none.

Khách hàng chứng thực

TRG International

CCMC is an amazing experience. The secret ingredient is the #1 coaching gurus + surprise gurus + the amazing coaches taking the CCMC journey in the cohort. Dr. Peter is an inspiring and amazing human. He’s humble, selfless and makes it all about others. A true Ambassador of Coaching.

Rick Yvanovich
Khách hàng chứng thực

Founder & COO,
The Agency Factory

The CCMC program has been transformational for me. We did not only learn from the best, we also became progressively the best we could be at coaching. Thank you to ITD World, you have gone above and beyond to create a unique program that has pretty much no peer.

Khách hàng chứng thực

Dominos Pizza

CCMC lifted my awareness and have led to many discoveries. Privilege to have all the world great speakers and coaches and super special to be coached directly by Dr Peter. Fantastic program, very well structured and supported.

Khách hàng chứng thực

National Director,
Health Service Executive of Ireland

Excellent delivery of the course by ITD World, the programme runs seamlessly with very engaging content. I very highly recommend the programme.

Khách hàng chứng thực

Chief People Officer,

CCMC expands my thinking horizons, taking ambitious actions, learning and growing. I have transformed the way I see my own potentials and set up vastly bigger playing fields with practical tools and follow up to take in the challenges.

Khách hàng chứng thực

HR Director,
Western Digital

Very insightful, I always learn new things and insights on coaching with great ideas! The combination of John Mattone, Marcia Reynolds and Dr Peter is awesome. I am so inspired; Dr Peter is a genius! The CCMC is a program suitable for C-suite and every leader who wish to propel themselves from where they are to much higher levels through coaching.

Khách hàng chứng thực

Founder CEO,
Global Leadership Center

Learning directly from the top gurus in the world is an unforgettable life changing experience and all of this is possible because of the extraordinary role of Coach Peter Chee. You are simply the best.

Khách hàng chứng thực

Managing Director,
Western Digital

Dr Peter is truly a Master Coach. Only until I watched him in action, did I realise what great coaching was all about. The program uses key tools that are universal in nature. I have picked up very useful coaching techniques, and tools that go along with them.


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