Khoá học L&D - Certified Talent Development & Learning Professional (CTLP)

Designed by two industry-leading HR training experts, the Certified Talent Development & Learning Professional (CTLP) delves deep into the latest research, equipping participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in today’s fast-paced business environment. Take your career to the next level – and become a top-performing HR and training professional with ITD World’s L&D certification course!

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In today’s ever-evolving world, the opportunities and challenges for talent and people development are endless. As such, the HR department must devise new, advanced approaches to keep up with the times, develop a focused strategy, and continuously build high-quality human resources for the future.

“How should talent development be restructured – in order to facilitate the success of organizations in the future?”

Introduction to ITD’s L&D certification course

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As the focus of talent development activities shifts towards nurturing learning capacity, training experts must equip themselves with new competencies to empower their talent pool. Trainers, instructional designers, coaches and mentors are instrumental in developing employees’ skills and making them more autonomous.

Looking to the future, changes in work, employees, and the workplace are inevitable. Hence, leaders must build up an environment that fosters effective learning, allowing people to learn on the job while responding to new challenges.

Ready to answer these critical questions – and stay ahead of the curve in talent development? Join us in the Certified Talent Development & Learning Professional (CTLP) course to discover innovative strategies that will help keep your organization competitive in the current rapidly evolving world.

Who should join ITD’s L&D certification course?

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Our program is specifically designed to enhance the professional skills required for the following roles:

  • Talent Development Specialist.
  • Head of Training and Development.
  • Managers and Senior Executives.
  • Head of Human Resources and Specialists.

Gain the expertise needed to excel in these high-profile positions and make a significant impact in your organization’s talent development strategies. Enroll in the CTLP course today – and take the first step towards realizing your professional potential!

Course objectives

mục tiêu khóa học L&D CTLP

After completion of this comprehensive L&D training program, participants will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to:

  • Identify the key trends shaping the future of workers, jobs, and workplaces.
  • Understand the importance of different talent definitions in shaping development programs.
  • Explore alternative talent initiatives and new approaches to people development.
  • Align talent development programs with strategic enterprise goals and direction.
  • Utilize the ADDIE model as a guide for talent strategies.
  • Build the strength of organizations and individuals to meet future needs.
  • Apply neuroscience theory to adjust talent development plans.
  • Shift the focus of talent development from learning to performance.
  • Apply the 70-20-10 model and evaluate its effectiveness.
  • Review evaluation criteria, including ROI, to measure deployment time and readiness.
  • Integrate coaching and mentoring into talent development strategies.
  • Develop a learning “ecosystem” and micro-learning.
  • Analyze the capacity and ability to learn on the job in practice.

Course details

The Certified Talent Development & Learning Professional (CTLP) course is the culmination of ITD’s expertise in HR management training – offering a comprehensive and advanced curriculum to help take your talent development skills to the next level. Its content is designed based on a combination of two of our training programs, namely:

With this L&D certification program, you’ll learn cutting-edge techniques for talent development and create a positive impact in your organization’s workforce.

Khóa học Quản lý nhân tài kế nhiệm (Certificate in Talent, Competency Succession Management)
Khóa học Train the Trainer - Certified Training Professional (CTP)
nội dung khóa học L&D CTLP

1. Future-proofing talent development strategies

  • Identify the key trends shaping the future of workers, jobs, work environments, and workspaces.
  • Explore the different definitions of talent – and understand why they are crucial in shaping talent development programs.
  • Learn how to garner support from the management team for talent development programs.
  • Discover new approaches to talent development and why they are needed.

2. Aligning talent development with corporate goals

  • Step-by-step guide to tailoring talent initiatives to align with your strategic goals.
  • Build a framework for talent development and apply neuroscience theory.
  • Understand the transition process from learning to work.
nội dung khóa học L&D CTLP

3. Transforming corporate culture to support talent development

  • Define key L&D terms: learning organizations, learning climate, and learning agility/competence.
  • Identify and remove barriers to real-world learning.
  • Discover on-the-job learning models and micro-learning.
  • Assess the capacity to learn in a real-life work environment.
  • Explore strategies to increase learner engagement.

4. Building a workforce that meets the current & future challenges

  • Overview of training activities and applications in transforming enterprise talent development.
  • Discover the most important competencies of an L&D specialist – including how to develop future talent.
  • Assess individual development needs against the capabilities of future talent development specialists.
  • Understand the day-to-day role of the manager in talent development.
  • Transform talent development professionals into learning advisors.
nội dung khóa học L&D CTLP

5. Exploring the ADDIE model

  • Overview of Industry 4.0, emerging work models, and ongoing skill update requirements.
  • Explore the modern theory of active learning.
  • Discover how the ADDIE model has evolved over the years – and compare it with other design models like SAM.
  • Should ADDIE be adjusted or replaced?
  • Moving from Instructional Design to Learning Design.

6. Analysis

  • Assess whether current practices in Needs Analysis meet the Learning 4.0 model.
  • Solve current and future talent needs of the business.
  • Anticipate future needs and plan ahead.
  • Analyze talent requirements as an essential competitive advantage.
  • Apply meta-analysis of performance data as a predictor.
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7. Curriculum design & development

  • Design learning programs for future skills.
  • Ensure that all design and development efforts are learner-centered.
  • Involve learners as co-designers and co-developers.
  • Move from content-centric design to experience-focused design.
  • Build a learning ecosystem based on the 70-20-10 model.
  • Learn through a case study.
  • Discover how to learn in the flow of work and develop micro-lessons.
  • Move from an LMS to an LXP (Learning Experience Platform).
  • Discover how new technology supports development capacity.
nội dung khóa học L&D CTLP

8. Conducting & Evaluating training programs

  • Explore the gradual replacement of traditional F2F training with remote learning solutions utilizing online platforms.
  • Reports on E-Learning.
  • Explore how AI supports learning management – plus the application of AR and VR in the learning experience.
  • Understand long-term deep learning and short-term micro-learning.
  • Discover the role of consulting support for L&D (Learning and Development) in the implementation process.
  • Learn about the new 6-level framework for 70-20-10 learning model assessment.
  • Review the “levels of assessment” to create a “measurement grid” of necessary criteria, including ROI.
  • Discover how coaching and mentoring becomes a cornerstone in the 70-20-10 model.
  • Evaluate the efforts and end results of coaching and mentoring.
  • Apply practical solutions to real-life situations.
nội dung khóa học L&D CTLP

9. Summary & Exercises

  • Summarize the main content of the course.
  • The Capstone Project.

Upon finishing the Certificate of Talent Development & Learning Professional (CTLP) course, participants are required to submit a comprehensive report to their superiors. This report should showcase the learning content obtained from the program – as well as propose initiatives that will help transform or change business operations, highlighting their importance to the organization. In addition, the report should also include an implementation strategy and an evaluation plan.

After completing all the necessary requirements, participants will be awarded a certificate of completion – co-awarded by ITD World in partnership with Rothwell & Associates.

Meet ITD’s certified L&D training experts

william j rothwell

Dr. William J. Rothwell, a distinguished figure in the field of Human Resource Development, brings over 40 years of experience to the table as the President of the Rothwell and Associates Group – and a Professor of Human Resource Development at the University of Pennsylvania. His expertise in HR and Performance Management has been instrumental in editing and publishing over 150 books on the subject.

mario aquino del castillo

Joining him is Dr. Mario Aquino del Castillo, a seasoned specialist in Training & Development, Performance Management, Leadership, and Coaching. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Castillo is a certified trainer for the ‘Developing the Leader within You’ Program, and has played a pivotal role as the lead designer of ITD World’s Certified Training Professional (CTP) course.

Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the world of talent development and learning!

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