Who we are

ITD World (Institute of Training & Development) is an ISO 9001:2000 certified leadership and coaching provider – with more than 35 years of experience in Training and People Development. Founded in April 1984 in Penang (Malaysia), we have since then rapidly grown into one of the region’s leading leadership development, coaching, mentoring, consulting and HR management institutions.

ITD World is all about people. The truly shared meaning our torch goes beyond global excellence. It is about uplifting and bringing ‘light’ to people’s lives and helping individuals, organizations and nations attain their aspirations. It is about fulfilling dreams of building a happier and better world.

Over time, we have been expanding operations over Southeast Asia and to other regions of the world. In 2005, the Vietnam representative office (ITD Vietnam Center for Management Development – VNCMD) was officially established and put into operation.

Below is a compilation of ITD World’s historical milestone achievements – starting from our foundation in 1984 up to now.

Established in the UNESCO heritage city of Georgetown - located in the beautiful island of Penang, Malaysia
Establishment of ITD Kuala Lumpur, emerging as a prominent hub for ITD World's activities and operations
Establishment of ITD Thailand, solidifying ITD World's engagement and contribution to leadership development in Thailand
Establishment of ITD Vietnam, forming a strong presence and delivering leadership development solutions in Vietnam
Establishment of ITD Philippines, expanding ITD World's operations and impact in the Philippines
#1 Global Provider of MBA, MSC, and Doctor of Business Programs awarded by Heriot-Watt University, Leicester University, and the University of South Australia, with over 1,000 graduates benefiting from ITD World's prestigious educational offerings
Attainment of ISO 9001 certification for the global provision of corporate training and development, affirming ITD World's commitment to delivering high-quality services
Recognition by the United Nations for delivering splendid development programs since 2007, highlighting ITD World's significant contributions to global development efforts
Winner of the ARTDO International HRD Excellence Award, acknowledging ITD World's excellence in human resource development
Inception of Cambodia Global Strategic Partnership, forging collaborations and opportunities in Cambodia
Winner of the Brand Laureate International Award, presented by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, recognizing ITD World's exceptional brand reputation and contribution to the industry
Inception of ITD Indonesia Global Strategic Partnership, expanding ITD World's reach and influence in the Indonesian market
Inception of ITD Singapore Global Strategic Partnership, establishing strong connections and partnerships in Singapore's thriving business landscape
Inception of ITD USA Global Strategic Partnership, marking ITD World's strategic presence and engagement in the US market
Inception of ITD Myanmar Global Strategic Partnership, opening doors for growth and development in Myanmar
Endorsement from the Managing Director of Intel, acknowledging ITD World's contribution to outstanding breakthrough results and recognizing them as the best leadership and talent development expert, winning the Intel Quality Award
Inception of ITD Bangladesh Global Strategic Partnership, expanding ITD World's presence and collaboration opportunities in Bangladesh
Successful delivery of training and development solutions for leaders in AIG Group across 11 countries, showcasing ITD World's global impact and expertise
Completion of five cohorts of the 18-month long Leadership Pipeline Development Program for leading lighting manufacturer Osram in the Asia Pacific region over a period of five years
Endorsement from the Global Chief People Officer of ThaiBev, recognizing ITD World for delivering excellence, outstanding results, and being the best leadership development strategic partner
Endorsement from the CEO of DTAC, under Telenor Group, for ITD World's role in global leadership transformation, particularly in the delivery of the 12 Months Result-Based Coaching (RBC) solution
Launch of the eLearning platform, providing a global platform for developing coaching leaders and enhancing their skills and knowledge
Introduction of eAssessment, enabling 360-degree leadership feedback, data collection, and mass surveys for comprehensive insights
Launch of the Digital Leadership Conference in collaboration with Intel, focusing on leveraging digital advancements for effective leadership
CEO Conference with World #1 Executive Coach Dr. Marshall Goldsmith and other top global gurus, bringing together industry leaders for insightful discussions and learning opportunities
Coauthorship of six books with top global gurus, including Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Marshall Goldsmith, and William Rothwell, published by McGraw Hill, contributing to the knowledge in the field
Endorsement from the VP of Pepsico for delivering an outstanding 12-month executive coaching experience, showcasing ITD World's excellence in coaching
Digital Leadership Conference 2.0: Fearless Growth Through Innovation, a significant event focusing on embracing innovation for fearless organizational growth
Endorsement from European sensor manufacturer AMS for delivering the highest quality global leadership development program, earning the best global leadership development award
Launch of the 5 Levels of Mastery book and Let's Coach app with World #1 Executive Coach Dr. Marshall Goldsmith at the Leadership Team Summit (LTS), providing valuable resources for leadership development
CEO Dr. Peter Chee recognized as the #1 Strategic Innovation Coach by world-renowned executive coach Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
First eConference Global Leadership Summit (GLS) attended by participants from around the world, fostering global knowledge exchange and collaboration
Launch of online workshops, including the eCertified Coaching & Mentoring Professional (eCCMP) and eCertified Training Professional (eCTP), enabling leadership and talent development amid the Covid-19 pandemic
Maiden launch of the Certified Chief Master Coach (CCMC) flagship program, featuring the world's top coaching gurus and raising the bar for coaching excellence
Successful delivery of an 18-month Leadership and Culture Transformation Program for the Central Bank of Malaysia, showcasing ITD World's expertise in driving organizational change
Introduction of the Global Center of Coaching Excellence (GCCE), dedicated to advancing thought leadership in the coaching field
Launch of the ITD World 100 Million Leaders Mandate, a commitment to impacting the lives of 100 million leaders worldwide through complimentary coaching and leadership development programs
ITD Love the World Initiative (LWI) established to freely share coaching knowledge, wisdom, and expertise, contributing significant value to the community
CCMC Alumni organized the first monthly Let's Coach Master Class, providing a platform for sharing cutting-edge coaching insights
Vision 2021 as the #1 Global Leadership Development Expert, supported by endorsements from clients across six continents
ITD World CEO, Dr. Peter Chee, recognized as one of the Top 3 coaching experts by Global Gurus, affirming his expertise and influence in the coaching field
Accreditation received from the International Coach Federation (ICF) for the Certified Chief Master Coach (CCMC) program, validating the program's high quality and standards
Establishment of strategic partnerships with renowned experts such as Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, John Mattone, Mark C. Thompson, Professor Dr. William Rothwell, and other prominent figures, strengthening ITD World's lineup of signature programs and partnerships
Vision 2026 unveiled, aiming to become the #1 Global Coaching & Leadership Development Partner
Certified Coaching & Mentoring Professional (CCMP) program ranked 5th in the World's Best Coaching Development Programs by Global Gurus
Inception of ITD Australia Global Strategic Partnership - solidifying ITD World's position and opportunities in the Australian market
Inception of ITD Mediterranean Global Strategic Partnership - opening doors for collaboration and growth in the Mediterranean region
Inception of ITD Brazil Global Strategic Partnership - strengthening ITD World's presence and influence in Brazil & South America
Inception of ITD Europe Global Strategic Partnership - expanding ITD World's reach and impact in the European market

Our solutions

Our core activities include: Talent and Leadership Development; Corporate Training and Consulting; Professional Competency Certification; Mega Events and Seminars; Coaches, Mentors and Speakers Bureau; Community Services and Campaigns.

Talent & Leadership Development

  • Aligning people development with overall business strategies.
  • Customized solutions based on organizational capabilities.
  • Professional leadership training & certification.
  • Applying the 10-20-70 model for optimal training results.
  • Integrated training, coaching & mentoring – with practices & assessments.

Building a High Performance Coaching Culture

  • Strategic Coaching & Consulting.
  • Coaching for Senior Management (Executive coaching).
  • Coach/ Mentor training & certification.
  • Developing leaders to become coaches, mentors and trainers.
  • Coaching matrix & result assessment.
  • Design the coaching – mentoring process.

Employee Management & Engagement

  • Talent management strategy.
  • Implement talent management system & matrix.
  • Talent assessment & succession planning.
  • Talent training & competency certification.
  • Design employee engagement systems, survey tools and forms.

Leadership Certification & Training

Soft Skill Training

  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence (EQ).
  • Design Thinking.
  • Effective Communication skills.
  • Time Management skills.
  • Presentation & Public Speaking.
  • Negotiation & Persuasion skills.
  • Interviewing & Recruiting skills.
  • Training & Coaching competencies.

Why choose ITD?

Why choose ITD World

1. Learn from the best – To be the best

ITD’s signature programs are designed and delivered in partnership with the world’s top gurus and authorities in respective fields. We make it possible for you to learn from the best – to be the best!

2. Training solutions that meet world-class standards

We are ISO 9001:2000 certified for global provision of training and development. ISO audit results found ITD Group’s quality system to be completely in conformance with top quality international standards.

3. Certified by various international groups

We are the winner of the Brand Laureate International Award for the Best Brand in Training – and the ARTDO (Asian Regional Training and Development Organization) International HRD Award. This highly prestigious international award recognizes ITD World’s outstanding contribution and excellence in international HRD.

4. Over 30 years of proven international track record

With established centers in many countries and a large resource pool of global and local expertise, we create a powerful worldwide reach and network synergy for your greatest benefit.

5. A wide range of resource persons

We have the widest range of over 100 excellent resource persons with ITD – mega gurus… live in person, regional and local gurus, top master trainers, international certified trainers, coaches, consultants and top certified local trainers.

What people say about us

John Maxwell

“I have personally worked with various teams at ITD Group all across Asia. My experience has been absolutely wonderful. They really add value to people and I found that they are a team of excellence with uncompromising integrity and they share the same values as mine. These are some of the reasons why I am really enjoying the partnership with ITD group.”

Dr. John C. Maxwell – Business Leadership Expert

Jack Canfield

“The ITD Group is a highly impressive multinational organization. The realization of its vision – enabling organizational and HR development goals that enrich lives and create a better society is highly admired.”

Dr. Jack Canfield – Co-author of the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ series

William Rothwell

“The ITD Group is a highly professional international HRD organization with a strong and talented multinational team. They have never failed to exceed my high expectations.”

Dr. William J. Rothwell – HR Management Professor, University of Pennsylvania

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