Dr. Peter Chee – CEO of ITD World – was nominated as one of the top three coaches around the globe in 2023 by Global Gurus.

This recognition is a testament to his strong leadership and coaching acumen that has earned him this esteemed title amongst some of the world’s greatest coaches and mentors.

Dr. Peter Chee was nominated as #3 coaching professional by Global Gurus 2023

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About Global Gurus

Global Gurus is an organization dedicated to recognizing influential leaders and experts in the world – by selecting and evaluating candidates across multiple fields. Their mission is to find the top 30 gurus of each individual category, ranging from speakers to development consultants and motivational speakers.

Global Gurus

Voting results are determined by 500 participating experts. To be shortlisted, candidates must showcase their impact across organizations far beyond their own sphere.

To identify the world’s most influential thought leaders, Global Gurus reaches out to 22,000 of the brightest minds in business – entrepreneurs, consultants, academics, and MBAs – who will be narrowing down their choices for 60 inspiring figures in their respective fields. These names will then go through rigorous research checks before being released as part of an official ranking list determined by voting!

Learn more about Global Gurus’ voting criteria here.

Top 30 leading coaching experts in the world in 2023

Every year, Global Gurus recognizes 30 world-class coaching experts with their annual vote. In 2023, it was an honor for ITD World when our CEO – Dr. Peter Chee – achieved the 3rd place ranking on this distinguished list!

Dr. Peter Chee was nominated as #3 coaching professional by Global Gurus 2023

Dr. Peter Chee voted as the #3 coaching professional. He was listed side by side with John Mattone (#1), Tony Robbins (#2), and Dr. Marcia Reynolds (#4)

As an esteemed executive coach, Dr. Chee has more than 30 years of leadership training experience from over 80 countries worldwide. He has created several acclaimed programs such as the Certified Coaching & Mentoring Professional (CCMP), the Success Coaching Techniques (ACT), etc., that have been used to transform, develop, and mentor CEOs, CXOs, and other key leaders across renowned organizations like Intel, Citibank, etc. His ambition in life is “to make a lasting impact on people’s lives through coaching”.

He has a long-standing affiliation with the globally renowned executive coach Dr. Marshall Goldsmith as a former member of his esteemed MG100 program and is also the Co-founder of Certified Chief Master Coach (CCMC) – a coaching mastery training program dedicated to top leaders and CEOs around the world. His tireless dedication to developing powerful leadership skills in the corporate sector makes him an inspirational figure in this space.

Throughout his career, Dr. Chee has always been stressing the importance of building better human relationships through empathy, integrity, trust, and respect – which are essential for effective communication and collaboration within teams.

Peter Chee

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