Robert B. Tucker

Discover the genius of Robert B. Tucker, the world’s leading innovation guru and best-selling author. Unleash your innovative potential with his insights and strategies.


Robert B. Tucker, a globally renowned figure in the realm of innovation, stands as an esteemed author of multiple international best-selling books. With an illustrious career spanning decades, he currently serves as the President of The Innovation Resource, where his expertise in innovation shines through. His contributions as an adjunct professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, have influenced countless minds over the years, solidifying his reputation as an authority in the field.

In 1986, Tucker made a groundbreaking impact with his pioneering research, which involved interviewing over 50 trailblazing innovators. This seminal work culminated in the publication of “Winning the Innovation Game,” a book that captivated readers worldwide. Fueling his relentless pursuit of knowledge, he continued to delve into the subject, resulting in a plethora of publications. Among them, his international best-seller “Managing the Future: 10 Driving Forces of Change for the New Century” stands out, having been translated into 13 languages. Tucker’s most recent book, “Driving Growth through Innovation,” showcases the best practices of 23 visionary companies at the forefront of innovation.

As a leading luminary in the Global Innovation Movement, Tucker regularly contributes to esteemed publications, including Harvard Management Update, Strategy & Leadership, and the Journal of Business Strategy. His insights have also graced the screens of CBS News, PBB Series, and the CNBC series “The Business of Innovation,” further solidifying his status as a trusted authority.

Tucker’s extensive client roster encompasses over 200 Fortune 500 companies, spanning Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Australia. His expertise has been sought after by various governments and organizations worldwide, including Russia, Taiwan, and the Japan Marketing Association. An avid globetrotter, he has traversed every continent, sharing his ideas and strategies with top-tier business leaders.

Among the impressive array of clients who have sought Tucker’s guidance are industry giants such as Microsoft, GE Capital, Accenture, IBM, Nokia, Cisco, American Express, Nestle, Coca-Cola, BO, Chevron, Bausch & Lomb, Bank of America, Bayer Healthcare, the Economic Development Board of Singapore, UCLA, Pennsylvania State University, Honda Motors, Boeing, 3M, and Mitsubishi Electronics.


  • The World’s Leading Innovation Guru: Robert B. Tucker stands at the forefront of the innovation realm, earning his esteemed status as the go-to expert in the field.
  • Best-Selling Author & Globally Renowned Innovation Consultant: With a string of international best-selling books under his belt, Robert B. Tucker’s words resonate with readers worldwide. As a sought-after innovation consultant, his expertise has left an indelible mark on organizations across the globe.
  • President of The Innovation Resource: At the helm of The Innovation Resource, Robert B. Tucker drives and inspires individuals and businesses to unlock their innovative potential, pushing boundaries and fostering growth.
  • Internationally Recognized Leader in the Field of Innovation: Robert B. Tucker’s contributions to the field of innovation have earned him recognition on a global scale. His insights and strategies have been embraced by countless individuals and organizations seeking to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape.
  • Adjunct Professor at the University of California: Sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience, Robert B. Tucker has served as an adjunct professor at the esteemed University of California. Through his teachings, he has nurtured the minds of future innovators, leaving an enduring impact.
  • One of the Contributing Thought Leaders in the Global Innovation Movement: Robert B. Tucker’s influence extends beyond his own work. As one of the contributing thought leaders in the Global Innovation Movement, his ideas and perspectives shape the discourse around innovation, driving the world forward.


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