Bud Valade

Discover Bud Valade, a seasoned corporate leader and consultant with a remarkable track record. Explore his expertise in high-performance project teams, leadership, coaching, and innovation.


  • Established and grew a new Center of Excellence for Tyco International in Shanghai, China, expanding it to over 100 professionals within a span of 4 years.
  • Successfully managed Research and Development teams for two decades, driving new product development, supplier qualification, and manufacturing introduction in both the USA and China.
  • Accumulated over 30 years of experience in Fortune 500 companies, delivering a diverse range of products, ranging from high-volume consumer electronics to high-precision spacecraft antennas.
  • Distinguished inventor with 13 patents and a proud member of Tyco International’s Inventor Hall of Fame.
  • Possesses a Design for Six Sigma Black Belt certification, showcasing expertise in process optimization and quality management.
  • Certified Coaching and Mentoring Professional®, Facilitator, and Corporate Trainer, equipping and empowering leaders in multinational corporations across Shanghai and Malaysia.
  • A passion for nurturing and developing tomorrow’s leaders, with a focus on executive coaching and training.


  • Leadership of high-performing project teams.
  • Application of situational leadership techniques.
  • Proficient in criticism and discipline skills for effective management.
  • Exceptional coaching and mentoring abilities.
  • Expertise in performance management strategies.
  • Project management within organizational settings.
  • Development of comprehensive career paths and ladders.
  • Excellent presentation skills.
  • Design for Six Sigma methodologies.
  • Total Quality Management implementation.
  • Design for Manufacturing and Assembly best practices.
  • Mastery of Quality Function Deployment techniques.
  • Extensive knowledge in New Product Introduction (NPI) processes.
  • Proficiency in lean manufacturing operations.
  • Skilled in Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA).
  • Experienced in process measurement and improvement techniques.


Bud Valade is a highly accomplished corporate leader and consultant – with an extensive track record of success spanning over 30 years. With a Master of Science Degree in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics from the renowned University of Illinois in the USA – as well as a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Auburn University, he possesses a strong educational foundation that underpins his expertise.

Throughout his career, Bud has held prominent positions within notable multinational organizations, including Harris Corporation in the USA and Tyco International in both the USA and China. Starting as an engineer, he swiftly advanced into project and engineering management roles at Harris Corporation, where he played a pivotal role in leading high-performance teams.

During his tenure at Harris, Bud‘s teams spearheaded the design and development of cutting-edge communications systems for the US Army, groundbreaking solar concentrators for NASA, and highly precise spacecraft antennas for the Department of Defense. His invaluable contributions to these projects showcased his ability to deliver exceptional results on complex and critical initiatives.

At Tyco International, Bud Valade continued to ascend the ranks, assuming increasingly senior management positions. His exceptional performance led to a significant assignment – to establish a newly established Center of Excellence (CoE) in Shanghai, China. In just four years, he successfully grew the CoE to encompass over 100 engineers, solidifying its status as a hub of innovation and technical expertise.

Bud‘s leadership at the Shanghai CoE was characterized by a relentless pursuit of excellence. He implemented rigorous engineering standards, including Total Quality Management product design and development, Design for Six Sigma methodologies, a supplier qualification program (SQP), and collaborative New Product Introduction (NPI) practices. Through these initiatives, he fostered an environment that consistently delivered high-quality products while optimizing efficiency and productivity.

Under Bud‘s guidance, the CoE achieved remarkable results. The introduction of new products generated over $35 million in incremental revenue in China and other emerging markets. He spearheaded the qualification of more than 25 new Chinese suppliers, expanding the organization’s supplier network. Additionally, his Value Engineering (VE) projects resulted in manufacturing savings exceeding $3 million.

As a strategic leader, Bud assembled and nurtured a multi-functional engineering team, comprising experts in Project Management, Electronics, Firmware, Mechanical Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Sustaining Engineering. He oversaw the product and technical road map, ensuring the seamless execution of Tyco’s Emerging Markets strategy.

To support ongoing growth and development, Bud devised and implemented a comprehensive R&D engineering hiring plan. He established key performance indicators (KPIs) for employees, fostering a culture of accountability and continuous improvement. He was deeply committed to nurturing the capabilities, skills, and core competencies of his team, implementing career ladders and awards programs within the Shanghai CoE.

Bud‘s responsibilities extended beyond the CoE, as he collaborated closely with global manufacturing sites. He championed initiatives such as New Product Introduction (NPI), lean manufacturing process improvements, quality defect reduction, scrap reduction, and new supplier and component qualification. He assumed technical responsibility for all product and process improvements, as well as deviations in production within China.

Recognized for his expertise, Bud Valade was invited to serve as a guest lecturer at the prestigious Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Chinese Leaders for Manufacturing joint MBA/Manufacturing Leadership program. In this capacity, he shared his wealth of knowledge and experience with aspiring industry professionals, further solidifying his reputation as an authority in his field.

Bud is also a Certified Coaching and Mentoring Professional®, Facilitator, and Corporate Trainer, offering his services to multinational companies across Asia. Leveraging his extensive experience, he has become an invaluable resource, guiding organizations and individuals towards achieving their goals and maximizing their potential.