Karl D. LaRowe

Discover Karl D. LaRowe’s expertise in stress management, mental health, and Qigong. Learn how his transformative methods can boost resilience and well-being.


  • Organized over 1000 training courses, benefiting more than 50,000 professionals worldwide in the United States, Canada, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.
  • Recognized expert in training, coaching, Human Resource Development and promoting Mental Health Maintenance for business leaders.
  • Published author of influential books such as “Breath of Relief: Transforming Compassion Fatigue into Flow” and “Qigong for Care Providers,” among others.


  • Specializes in stress management and mental health, offering practical strategies to overcome challenges.
  • Provides guidance on maintaining energy levels and cultivating resilience in the workplace.
  • Adept at fostering positive thinking to enhance personal and professional growth.
  • Promotes the practice of Qigong as a means to achieve holistic well-being.


Having experienced a profound personal struggle with work-related depression, Karl D. LaRowe embarked on a transformative journey to discover effective methodologies rooted in Positive Psychology, Energy Psychology, and the Psychology of Strength. Delving into somatic awareness, conscious breathing techniques, mind movement exercises, and creative visualization, he sought to regain his own equilibrium. In 1989, he relocated to Singapore, where he had the opportunity to learn Qigong from the esteemed master, Simon Yong.

Marrying the principles of Qigong with Positive Psychology, Karl D. LaRowe devised an innovative approach to alleviate stress and combat burnout, harnessing its transformative power to cultivate positive energy. His groundbreaking methods have empowered thousands of professionals worldwide, equipping them with the strength and endurance to persevere while also emphasizing the importance of self-care.