KC Lee

Discover the transformative expertise of KC Lee – visionary leader with a passion for technology, strategic management, and leadership development. Explore his remarkable achievements and vast experience in the telecoms and IT industry.


  • Certified Facilitator & Instructor for a range of prestigious programs including John Maxwell‘s Developing the Leader Within You™, The 360° Leader™, Winning with People™, DISC Behavior Profiling Assessments™, Essential Coaching Skills, The Heart of Coaching™, Creativity & Innovation, Lateral Thinking, Problem Solving & Decision Making, Influencing and Collaboration, Motivating Self and Others, Successful Negotiations, and Project Management programs.
  • Held the position of General Project Manager in a Japanese multinational company – overseeing operations in Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam.
  • Demonstrated exceptional skills in strategic project operations, leadership, and negotiations within the realm of large-scale telecoms and IT infrastructure projects.
  • Acquired well-rounded people skills through experience in multicultural settings.
  • Pioneered the introduction of fiber passive optical networks to the Philippines market as the leader of a new product team.
  • Played a crucial role in the successful turnaround of company operations through the implementation of innovative solutions and strategic marketing strategies.
  • Served as an Adjunct Professor at the esteemed Asian Institute of Management (AIM) from 2008, sharing valuable knowledge with students in various disciplines.
  • Earned the designation of Certified Coaching & Mentoring Professional (CCMP), highlighting expertise in coaching and mentoring practices.
  • Leveraged extensive experience to facilitate workshops and provide coaching to executives from notable organizations such as Intel, Motorola, Agilent, OSRAM, Microsoft, Public Bank, Citibank, Pepsico, Monash University, and more.


  • Mastery in DISC behavior profiling, a powerful tool for understanding and leveraging individual and team dynamics, combined with expertise in problem-solving and decision-making methodologies.
  • Proficient in coaching and mentoring, employing proven strategies to guide individuals and teams towards personal and professional growth.
  • Extensive experience in leadership development, equipping aspiring leaders with the necessary skills and mindset to excel in their roles and drive organizational success.


KC Lee is an esteemed leader in the telecoms and IT industry, boasting over 25 years of diverse experience across the Asia Pacific region. His unwavering passion for technology, human development, and lifelong learning sets him apart as a visionary in his field.

Throughout his career, KC has held prominent senior management positions at Sumitomo Electric and Fujikura, where he spearheaded pivotal projects, managed company operations, and negotiated in cross-cultural environments in Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam. These roles have endowed him with a wealth of experiences, honing his expertise in strategic management, leadership, people skills, problem-solving, and fostering an astute understanding of critical and creative thinking, decision biases, and behavioral sciences.

From 1999 to 2003, KC Lee assumed a leadership role, overseeing the overall management and successful completion of a series of turnkey infrastructure projects. These projects, valued at nearly 1 billion Philippine Pesos, not only demonstrated KC’s remarkable capabilities but also paved the way for a remarkable turnaround in the company’s operations profitability by 2001.

In 2006, faced with intensifying competition and a shrinking telecoms infrastructure market, KC Lee was entrusted with the responsibility of devising strategic initiatives and exploring alternative markets for Fujikura’s products and services. Undeterred by the challenges, he led a pioneering team that introduced Fujikura’s groundbreaking FTTH (Fiber to the Home) technologies to the leading telecom operator in the Philippines, positioning the company as a trailblazer in the industry. KC’s innovative marketing endeavors culminated in the successful installation of the first citywide private fiber network in Makati City, which subsequently served as a blueprint for similar projects in India, Thailand, and Malaysia.

In subsequent years, KC Lee assumed a pivotal role in overseeing the overall operations of the company. As the driving force behind strategic planning, business development, financial results, and overall performance, his able leadership skills, influence, and unwavering work ethic became instrumental in his becoming the longest-serving non-Japanese employee within the organization.

KC Lee

KC’s commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond his professional endeavors. He has actively participated in various community affiliations – including the Hope of Thai People Foundation in Bangkok, Thailand, where he volunteered in mentoring programs for youths and young professionals. In the Philippines, he dedicated himself to mentoring initiatives within local community groups and served as a resource speaker for the “Center for Servant Leadership Philippines,” an esteemed institution advocating servant leadership in workplaces through impactful seminars and conferences for private and public institutions.

Educationally, KC Lee holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with honors from the University of Technology in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He furthered his academic pursuits and earned an MBA with distinction from the prestigious Asian Institute of Management in Makati, Philippines.

Recognizing his expertise and contributions, KC was appointed as an Adjunct Professor at the Asian Institute of Management in 2008. In this role, he facilitated sessions on Information Technology, Leadership, and People Skills within the Executive MBA and MBA programs, imparting his invaluable knowledge to aspiring business leaders.

Today, KC Lee actively engages in coaching and workshops across Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam, catering to clients from diverse industries. Noteworthy names among his clients include Intel, Motorola, Agilent, Osram, B Braun, BASF, Monash University, Japan Tobacco International, Star Publications, Singapore Press Holdings, Sun Edison, Microsoft, Jotun Paints, Windsor Hotel Group, Akzonobel, Pepsico, Sanofi, Public Bank, Citibank, and even the Bank of Tanzania in Dar-Es-Salaam. His unwavering commitment to excellence and his ability to inspire and guide professionals across multiple sectors make him a sought-after coach and workshop facilitator.