Kenzer Tan

Discover the transformative expertise of Kenzer Tan, seasoned strategic consultant with a track record of driving growth, turnaround, and HR excellence for top organizations worldwide.


  • Senior Principal Consultant at ITD World and Founder of Kenzer Consulting, specializing in Corporate Strategy and Scenario Planning, Business Turnaround, Growth Acceleration, Crisis Management, Restructuring, Downsizing, and HR Excellence, with an impressive track record spanning over 30 years of consulting and top management experience for large and medium-sized organizations.
  • Proven leadership experience, ranging from Head Prefect to Managing Director of a European-listed MNC in Malaysia and China, as well as Chief Assessor of the prestigious Chief Minister Award.
  • Successfully spearheaded culture transformation initiatives in Siemens and Infineon, resulting in the organizations securing all of Malaysia’s top Productivity and Quality awards, including the esteemed Prime Minister Quality Award, National Productivity Award, Quality Management Excellence Award, National QCC (Quality Control Circle) Champion, and Melaka Chief Minister Award.
  • Possesses broad-based top management and functional expertise in areas such as Total Quality Management, Customer Service, Strategic Planning, Operations, Human Resources, Information Technologies, and Communications.
  • A proven turnaround specialist, credited with revitalizing over ten financially struggling companies in both the United States and Asia.
  • Demonstrated leadership and management proficiency in diverse settings, ranging from large public companies to small and medium-sized enterprises, both as a customer and supplier.
  • Notable accomplishments in cross-cultural management, successfully navigating the complexities of American, European, and Asian companies.
  • Recognized for outstanding contributions and excellence, honored with the prestigious Best Employee of the Year Award bestowed by the Prime Minister.


  • Strategic Leadership and Management: Adept at providing strategic guidance and direction to organizations, driving them towards success and sustainable growth.
  • Strategic Development & Execution: Proficient in developing and implementing effective strategies that align with organizational goals and objectives, ensuring their successful execution and achievement.
  • Management & HR Consulting: Experienced in providing expert advice and consulting services in the areas of management and human resources, assisting organizations in optimizing their operations, enhancing productivity, and fostering a high-performance culture.


Kenzer Tan is a highly accomplished professional who has made significant contributions in the fields of strategic planning, leadership, HR performance, and business excellence. Throughout his career, he has worked with renowned organizations such as Intel, BBraun, Citibank, Osram, Panasonic, Axis REIT Berhad, Flextronics, Press Metal International-China, Infineon Technologies, Siemens, Sunpower, Guinness Anchor, Maruhan Bank-Cambodia, AmBank, Microsoft, Kimberly Clark, Celcom, Petronas, Fico, Harris Semiconductors, Telekom, Pioneer, Hitachi, and Samsung.

His expertise spans a wide range of consulting projects, including handling critical challenges such as Covid-19 crisis preparedness and strategic responses, scenario planning, restructuring and downsizing, leadership coaching, culture transformation, 360-degree surveys, culture surveys, competency management systems, performance management systems, and process and quality management.

Kenzer Tan earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering from the prestigious University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and subsequently pursued a Master’s in Business Administration from the esteemed University of Strathclyde in Scotland.

Early in his career, Kenzer made significant strides in the pharmaceutical and pre-packaging industry in the United States. His impressive work ethic and exceptional performance led him to rise from a trainee to the Vice President of Operations. Notably, he developed a groundbreaking one-stop solution proposal that secured major contracts, thereby revitalizing the financial health of the company.

Returning to his home country of Malaysia, Kenzer assumed the role of Group General Manager for local businesses involved in recycled molded paper pulp and farming. His innovative management initiative introduced recycled molded paper pulp as an alternative to polystyrene and Styrofoam, capturing the attention of multinational corporations adhering to stringent environmental protection regulations. As a result, the company attracted numerous MNC customers shipping to European countries.

Kenzer Tan

Kenzer Tan receiving the 2001’s Best Employee of the Year (Tokoh Pekerja Lelaki) award from Malaysia’s Prime Minister –  Dr. Dato ’Seri Mahathir Mohamad

Joining Siemens, Kenzer embarked on a journey of continued success, initially serving as the TQM Head before progressing to Senior Head of TQM and Communications, Director of Strategic Planning, and ultimately as Senior Director of Human Resources for a workforce of over 5,000 employees. A pivotal figure in driving the company’s Total Quality Management (TQM) culture, Kenzer played a crucial role in securing several prestigious awards for productivity and quality, including the Prime Minister Quality Award and National QCC Champion, both at the organizational, team, and individual levels.

In addition to implementing employee surveys, Kenzer designed and executed proprietary leadership training, coaching, and development programs, which were held on a weekly basis over a three-year period. He also spearheaded talent management events to identify and nurture exceptional performers within the organization. These contributions earned Kenzer the esteemed Prime Minister Award for Best Employee of the Year, a testament to his dedication to the company, his colleagues, the community, and his personal growth.

Kenzer further held the position of Managing Director at BESI NV, a Dutch-listed company, overseeing operations in Malaysia and China. In this role, he designed a customized Performance Management System that integrated seamlessly with the company’s strategic and process management, successfully turning around BESI APAC Sdn Bhd within six months after three consecutive years of losses. His strategic focus, implementation of TQM practices, HR interventions, and weekly leadership coaching and development programs played pivotal roles in driving sustainable growth, aligning the organization, and fostering a shared vision and goals.

Kenzer Tan’s illustrious career is characterized by his unwavering commitment to excellence, innovative problem-solving, and exceptional leadership abilities. His diverse range of accomplishments has consistently yielded remarkable results for renowned organizations across multiple industries.

Kenzer Tan speaking at 2014’s MPC Business Excellence CEO Forum