Anna Yap

Discover the expertise of Anna Yap, renowned professional trainer with over two decades of experience. Unlock your potential with her tailored training solutions and extensive knowledge!


  • Expertise honed through the prestigious Certified Training Professional (CTP) program from ARTDO International and ITD World.
  • Mastery in Coaching & Mentoring as a Certified Coaching & Mentoring Professional (CCMP).
  • Proven skills as a Certified Trainer in Rapid E-Learning (E-CREL).
  • Distinguished as a Master Practitioner in cutting-edge disciplines of Neuro-Semantics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Hypnosis & Time-lines, enabling transformative training methodologies.
  • Recognized as a Senior Graduate of the Body Language Institute (USA), specializing as a Professional Body Language Coach, empowering individuals with nonverbal communication expertise.
  • Honourary Judge & Authorised Trainer for the esteemed “CCAM” (Customer Relationship Management & Contact Centre Association Malaysia), demonstrating trusted authority and knowledge in the field.
  • Possesses a prestigious MBA from the esteemed University of Sunderland, UK, solidifying business acumen and strategic thinking capabilities.


  • Profound understanding and mastery of Corporate Finance, guiding organizations towards optimal financial strategies.
  • Expertise in Financial Management, ensuring sound fiscal decisions and driving financial success.
  • Strategic Marketing prowess, crafting effective campaigns and positioning brands for market success.
  • In-depth knowledge of the Banking industry, leveraging financial expertise to navigate complex financial landscapes.
  • Proficiency in Operations management, streamlining processes and enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Seasoned in Corporate Affairs & Investor Relations, adept at managing relationships with stakeholders and investors.
  • Dynamic Leadership and Delegation Techniques, empowering teams to achieve outstanding results.
  • Skilled in Coaching & Counseling, guiding individuals to unlock their full potential and achieve personal growth.
  • Acute Business Acumen, enabling comprehensive understanding of organizational dynamics and driving success.
  • Strategic Thinking capabilities, providing valuable insights and innovative solutions for complex business challenges.


Anna Yap, a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience as a Trainer, brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Throughout her career, she has continually stayed ahead of the curve, immersing herself in the latest training trends and delivery methods, ensuring she can cater to the needs and expectations of international clients.

In her most recent role as Assistant Vice President of a training provider with ASEAN exposures, Anna collaborated closely with clients, developing effective training and evaluation strategies aligned with their objectives and requirements. Her keen understanding of client needs, combined with her extensive knowledge, allowed her to deliver tailored solutions that consistently exceeded expectations.

Anna‘s professional journey began in 1994 – since then, she has amassed over 27 years of working experience in various corporate domains. Her expertise spans across Corporate Finance, Financial Management, Marketing, Banking, and Operations. Notably, she served as the Senior Group Corporate Affairs & Investor Relations Manager in Mithril Berhad, an associate company of MAA Holdings Berhad, where she showcased her exceptional leadership skills. She provided invaluable guidance to the Board on critical corporate matters, including corporate finance, debt restructuring, investments, and asset financing.

Throughout her career, Anna Yap has interacted extensively with regulatory bodies – such as Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad and the Securities Commission. Additionally, she has demonstrated her financial acumen by preparing the Group’s consolidated accounts, managing cash flow, creating budgets, and overseeing treasury functions.

Anna‘s experience also extends to the banking and shipping industries, where she honed her credit and marketing skills, as well as gained invaluable expertise in corporate finance and treasury. In her banking role, she consistently surpassed her marketing targets and objectives, proving her ability to deliver tangible results.

Equipped with a strong corporate background and exceptional communication skills, Anna possesses a unique talent for connecting with participants from all levels of an organization. Her innate ability to comprehend their specific work contexts allows her to deliver training that resonates deeply with attendees.

What sets her apart from her peers is her personalized approach to training. Before every session, she diligently analyzes the organization and the participants’ backgrounds, tailoring her training materials and concepts accordingly. The effectiveness of her personalized approach is evident through the consistently positive evaluations she has received.

Anna Yap‘s extensive experience, combined with her dedication to staying at the forefront of training methodologies, makes her an exceptional trainer. Her unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and her ability to forge connections with participants set her apart as a true industry leader.