CEO of ITD World, Dr. Peter Chee, spoke with CNN Philippines about life coaching – and how businesses can maintain their performance during tough times.

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Executive coach and CEO of ITD World, Dr. Peter Chee, recently spoke with CNN Philippines about life coaching – and how businesses can maintain their performance during the pandemic. In the interview, Dr. Chee emphasized the importance of gratitude in overcoming difficult situations. He encouraged people to express gratitude every day, even for the smallest things, as it helps to convert negative energy into positive energy.

Dr. Chee suggested that individuals should focus on the little things that excite them and appreciate their blessings, no matter how difficult their situation may be. By doing so, they remind themselves of positive things in their life – the “blessings” that are often forgotten.

When asked about setting new goals and achieving them, Dr. Chee stressed the importance of defining one’s life purpose. This, according to him, will serve as a guide to help navigate through life. Once the life purpose has been defined, it can be broken down into smaller goals, and the current situation can be assessed to determine the biggest motivator that will drive personal development.

Dr. Chee further stressed the role of life coaches in helping individuals discover and realize their life goals. Life coaches ask questions, listen, and support others to ignite their passions and develop their talents and strengths. They also consider methods that can create value for the community – as well as bring happiness and fulfillment throughout life.

Overall, Dr. Chee’s insights were well received by viewers, who found his positivity and practical advice to be particularly helpful during these challenging times. As businesses and individuals continue to navigate the pandemic, Dr. Chee’s emphasis on gratitude and purpose serve as a valuable tool in maintaining motivation and focus.

Video – Live interview on CNN Philippines

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