Stakeholder Management training workshop

This workshop will cover the essential principles of stakeholder management, including identifying stakeholders, assessing their interests, and developing communication strategies to effectively manage and influence their decisions for success.

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Introduction to ITD’s Stakeholder Management Training Workshop

“Ninety-nine percent of all leadership occurs not from the top – but from the middle of an organization.”

“Stakeholder management is all about influence management – nothing more nothing less.”

John C. Maxwell, Leadership Expert & Author

Businesses have become more global both for our own business units as well as our clients’ organizations. Therefore both internal and external relationships have become more complex and significantly matrixed. At the same time, organizations are ever empowering more and more of the middle and lower levels of management with the authority and accountability for accomplishment of objectives amongst themselves, collaboratively and synergistically.

Hence, John Maxwell’s prophecy of the “middle leadership” challenge takes on a whole new meaning to get results right. Collaboration and partnering within the middle (or peers) takes a distinctive difference when compared to traditional concepts of teaming.

More sophisticated skills are needed by business leaders to dynamically leverage the diversity and complexity of relationships to enable success for themselves, their teams, their peers and their business partners: all are indeed critical stakeholder partners.

ITD’s Stakeholder Management training workshop – Influencing for Success as a competency is built on a 10 steps framework that savvy stakeholder professionals apply:

  • Identifying, analyzing & engaging stakeholders – Steps 1 to 5.
  • Managing stakeholder expectations – Step 6.
  • Establishing credibility & trust with stakeholders – Step 7.
  • Establishing assertiveness – Step 8.
  • Negotiating with stakeholders – Step 9.
  • Driving & making stakeholders embrace changes – Step 10.
Stakeholder Management Process

Learning Outcomes

ITD’s Stakeholder Management training workshop prepares participants to apply real case stakeholder and peer relationship cases into actionable strategies that are transferable back into their work environment and team. In particular, all discussions and illustrations will be focused on the stakeholder management challenges of first-time managers. During the workshop we will systematically be utilizing information (or intelligence) gathered following these processes:

  • Stakeholder Identification – catalogs interested parties either internal or external to the organization or project. A stakeholder map is helpful for identifying the stakeholders.
  • Stakeholder Analysis – recognizes and acknowledges the needs, concerns, wants, authority, common relationships, and interfaces to stakeholders and aligns this information within the stakeholder matrix.
  • Stakeholder Matrix – positions stakeholders according to the level of influence, impact or enhancement that they may provide the business or its projects.
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Communication – focused at getting to know and understand each other at the working level. Engagement is the opportunity to discuss and agree on expectations of communication and primarily, to agree on a set of values and principles that all stakeholders will abide.
  • Trust & Credibility – understand the ability to influence flows from the level of trust and credibility in the relationships with stakeholders and how to gain that trust.
  • Assertive Negotiating – ability to gain win-win gives-and-gets that are mutually beneficial.
  • Make Change Happen – how to get buy-in and commitment to changes that you will be chartered to implement with clients.

Training Workshop Outline

Our Stakeholder Management training workshop is designed to be delivered as 2-day program: 3.5-hour morning session, and a 3.5-hour afternoon session. If client desires, we can run each of the 3.5-hour sessions on 4 separate days.

Stakeholder Management training workshop - day 1

Training Workshop Methodologies

We bring a practice-oriented workshop with a strong conceptual framework. To ensure a highly interactive workshop we bring a variety of ways to engage participants.

  • Lectures.
  • Interactive Discussions.
  • Breakout Room Activities.
  • Kahoot Games.
  • Videos.
  • Assessments.
  • Application Templates.

Meet ITD’s Stakeholder Management Expert

KC Yan

Our Stakeholder Management training workshop is delivered by master KC Yan, a Human Resource Practitioner with extensive experience in a variety of industries.

  • Senior Principal Consultant at ITD World.
  • Senior Human Resources Director, Asia-Pacific & Japan of Freescale Semiconductor.
  • Responsible for business HR in 9 countries.
  • Major milestones – spin off from Motorola SPS, set up new performance culture, win in business, strategic talent life cycle development, from public to private LBO, build best in class regional HR leadership team, cost driven restructuring; RIFs; Talent acquisition.
  • Head of Human Resources, Asia-Pacific.
  • Professional Certificate in Supply Chain Management – ITC, United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Master in Industrial Management from University of East Asia, Macau.

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Learning format: Offline.

Date: 25-26 Sept, 2023

Place: Saigon Novotel Hotel Centre, 167 Hai Ba Trung, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.

Saigon Novotel Hotel

Fee: 500 USD/pax.

If you are inteterested in joining ITD’s Stakeholder Management training workshop & would like to learn more, please contact ITD Vietnam via +8428 3825 8487, or fill in the form here. Our team will get back later for a FREE consultation on how we can help you.

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