Donald Ford

Discover the expertise of Dr. Donald Ford, a renowned training and performance improvement consultant, author, and professor. Unlock your potential with his vast knowledge in instructional design, HR, and leadership.


  • President & Owner of Training Education Management, LLC, a distinguished global learning solutions and human performance consulting firm headquartered in California, driving transformative results for organizations worldwide.
  • Accomplished author, renowned for the acclaimed book “Bottom-line Training: Performance-based Results“, now in its second edition, along with three other influential publications focusing on training and education.
  • Esteemed faculty member for ASTD’s Certificate Programs in Human Performance Improvement, Designing Learning, Measuring and Evaluating Learning, and Designing Leadership Programs, delivering invaluable knowledge and expertise to aspiring professionals.
  • Adjunct Professor of Management at Antioch University Los Angeles, leveraging expertise as a former Director of their Professional Development Centre, and sharing wisdom gained from teaching engagements at esteemed institutions such as the University of Southern California, California State University Northridge, and the University of Alabama.
  • Vast experience in training and developing over 10,000 professionals and leaders across more than 20 countries in North America, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East, harnessing over three decades of invaluable global expertise.
  • Holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Education with concentrations in instructional design and evaluation from the prestigious University of California at Los Angeles, complemented by a Master of Arts in Asian History and a Bachelor of Arts in History (cum laude) from UCLA, showcasing a diverse academic foundation.
  • Recognized for outstanding community involvement as the past Chairman of the Board of Literacy Network Los Angeles, a commendable non-profit organization, and honored by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for exemplary service to the city of Los Angeles.


  • Training and development: Designing and delivering impactful training programs that empower individuals and organizations to excel.
  • Human resource management: Applying strategic HR practices to enhance organizational performance and employee engagement.
  • Instructional design: Crafting effective learning experiences through the thoughtful design of educational materials and curricula.
  • Training evaluation: Assessing the effectiveness and impact of training initiatives to drive continuous improvement.
  • Adult learning: Employing proven methodologies to facilitate adult learning and maximize knowledge retention.
  • Leadership styles: Guiding individuals and organizations in identifying and developing effective leadership styles for success.
  • Strategic planning: Formulating comprehensive strategies to achieve long-term organizational objectives.
  • Human performance improvement: Implementing evidence-based approaches to enhance individual and team performance.
  • Change management: Guiding organizations through successful change initiatives while mitigating resistance and fostering employee buy-in.
  • Performance management: Designing systems and processes to optimize employee performance and achieve organizational goals.


Dr. Donald J. Ford, Ph.D., is an esteemed training and performance improvement consultant – renowned for his expertise in instructional design, human resources, and process improvement. With an illustrious career spanning over three decades in the field of human resource management, Dr. Ford has held significant management positions at Southern California Gas Company, Magnavox, Allied-Signal, and Texas Instruments.

Since assuming the role of President at Training Education Management, LLC in 1997, Dr. Ford has had the privilege of working with an impressive roster of consulting clients. His clientele includes esteemed organizations such as ASTD, Toyota, Nissan, Rockwell International, Samsung Electronics, Orange County Transportation Authority, Glendale Memorial Hospital, Southern California Presbyterian Homes, CompuCom, Institute of Training and Development, Saudi Aramco, Egyptian Central Bank, and Malaysia Bank Negara.

Through his consultancy, Dr. Donald Ford has designed and implemented bespoke training programs in various formats, ranging from classroom instruction to self-study modules and web-based training. Furthermore, he has conducted meticulous performance and needs analyses, adeptly facilitated groups, spearheaded improvement projects, delivered impactful courses, and evaluated outcomes for his discerning clients.

Dr. Ford’s academic credentials are as impressive as his professional accomplishments. He obtained his B.A. and M.A. degrees in history from UCLA, where he later earned his Ph.D. in education. Driven by his passion for education, he also serves as a faculty member at Antioch University, Los Angeles, where he imparts his wealth of knowledge by teaching graduate courses in Human Resource Development.

In addition to his vast practical experience, Dr. Ford has made significant contributions to the field through his prolific writing. He has authored a remarkable collection of 35 articles and four books, covering a wide array of topics in training, education, and management. Notable works include “Bottom-Line Training: Performance-based Results” (2005), “Bottom-Line Training: How to Design Programs that Boost Profits” (1999), “In Action: Designing Training Programs” (Editor, ASTD, 1996), and “The Twain Shall Meet: The Current Study of English in China” (McFarland, 1988).

Donald Ford

Dr. Donald Ford (center) at the 5th ceremony of the Certified Training Professional (CTP) program – held in Cairo (Egypt) from 15-24 March 2015 – along with Rita Goh and Serely Alcaraz from ITD World

Recognized for his expertise and thought leadership, Dr. Ford has been invited to present at numerous esteemed conferences and events. His speaking engagements include the ASTD International Convention, ASTD Quality Symposia, ASTD L.A. Train the Trainer and Annual Conference, Academy of Management, ARTDO International, International Society for Performance Improvement International Conference, International Quality and Productivity Conference, American Educational Research Association, Human Resource Development Japan Conference, and UCLA Industrial Relations Conference.

With a rich tapestry of professional achievements, academic prowess, and a commitment to driving excellence, Dr. Donald J. Ford stands as a preeminent figure in the field of training and performance improvement. His holistic approach and unwavering dedication have transformed organizations and elevated individuals, leaving an indelible impact on the industry as a whole.