Joel Wallach

Discover the expertise of Joel Wallach – renowned cross-cultural specialist. Gain insights into his vast experience in global management, communication, and leadership development.


  • Spearheaded multinational teams across diverse countries, cultures, and business environments spanning Malaysia, Cambodia, Tanzania, Taiwan, China, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Egypt, and the Philippines.
  • Empowered over 2,500 managers from prominent multinational corporations through comprehensive cross-cultural management and communication skills training programs.
    • Notable clients include Dupont, Texas Instruments, McDonald’s, Exxon, Acer, Intel, Eli Lilly, Prudential Insurance, T-Systems, Degussa, BP, Amoco, General Dynamics, and the U.S. State Department.
  • Published the highly acclaimed book “Working With Americans: A Practical Guide to Business Success for Asian Managers“, drawing from decades of hands-on experience in supporting local employees of American and other Western corporations.
  • Consulted esteemed international organizations and companies, offering valuable insights and expertise in the realm of people management and related issues.


  • Mastery of Cross-Cultural Management, equipping individuals and organizations with the necessary tools to thrive in diverse global contexts.
  • Expertise in Cross-Cultural Communication, facilitating effective intercultural interactions and fostering mutual understanding.
  • Proficiency in Cross-Cultural Coaching, guiding individuals to navigate the complexities of cross-cultural challenges and develop strategies for success.
  • Specialized briefings tailored for Western managers embarking on new assignments in Malaysia, providing essential insights and cultural intelligence.
  • Leadership Development, empowering leaders to navigate multicultural environments, inspire teams, and drive organizational success.
  • Relocation Counseling, offering guidance and support to individuals and families transitioning to new cultures, ensuring a smooth and successful relocation experience.
  • Implementation of Employee Assistance Programs, fostering employee well-being and providing confidential support services for personal and professional challenges.
  • Counseling expertise, providing a safe and supportive space for individuals to address personal and work-related concerns, promoting overall mental health and resilience.


Joel Wallach, a seasoned professional with over three decades of experience, stands at the forefront of cross-cultural adaptation and effectiveness. Together with his wife, Gale Metcalf, they form an exceptional husband-wife team, combining their expertise to empower individuals in thriving within diverse cultural landscapes. Their remarkable journey spans multiple continents, encompassing Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, where they have held esteemed positions as CEO and Country Manager for six distinguished operations.

Immersing themselves in the intricacies of different cultures, Joel and Gale have ventured far and wide, providing invaluable consultation and delivering impactful training workshops across prominent locations such as Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar. Having resided and worked in Asia for an impressive twenty-four years, including thirteen in Malaysia, their experiences have granted them a profound understanding of the Malay, Chinese, and Indian communities that shape the region.

Fueling their mission with academic excellence, Gale holds a Master’s degree in education and a Master’s degree in public health – while Joel’s expertise lies in community psychology, specializing in international affairs. Their professional journey commenced independently, both contributing to the field of public health in Malaysia. Their paths fortuitously converged, and in 1977, they united as co-directors of a distinguished community counseling program, dedicated to assisting expatriates residing in Kuala Lumpur.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to empower diverse communities, Joel and Gale embarked on a new chapter in 1980 when they relocated to Egypt. For seven impactful years, they served as Co-Directors of the esteemed Community Services Association of Cairo. In 1987, they set their sights on Taipei, establishing the illustrious Community Services Center – an organization they successfully led for seven years.

Throughout their tenure, they facilitated essential orientation programs for newly arrived expatriates, solidifying their reputation as invaluable resources in cross-cultural adjustment. Notably, their expertise extended beyond organizational boundaries, as they served as esteemed consultants and trainers for the U.S. State Department, tirelessly addressing the cross-cultural challenges faced by expatriate communities worldwide.

In 1988, Joel and Gale embarked on a groundbreaking initiative, expanding their cross-cultural training to encompass global corporations. Their comprehensive programs catered to Asian and African managers, equipping them with the tools to maximize their effectiveness when collaborating with European and American colleagues within international organizations. Over the years, their diverse skill set enabled them not only to manage multinational teams across Asia and Africa – but also to pioneer innovative programs aimed at enhancing staff competencies and elevating organizational global competitiveness.

Joel Wallach’s indomitable spirit and unwavering dedication to cross-cultural effectiveness have left an indelible mark on the global stage. Together with Gale Metcalf – his partner and companion in this remarkable journey, they have shaped countless lives and empowered individuals to flourish in culturally diverse environments. With their expansive knowledge, exceptional leadership, and groundbreaking programs, Joel and Gale continue to inspire professionals and organizations alike, igniting a new era of cross-cultural excellence.