K. Ravinther

Discover K. Ravinther – globally recognized Senior Consultant at ITD World. With over 24 years of expertise, he specializes in leadership development, sales excellence, and organizational transformation.


  • Senior Consultant at ITD World: A globally recognized expert in Global Leadership Development.
  • Former key leadership position holder at Public Bank and Panasonic, a renowned global Japanese corporation, with over 24 years of invaluable experience.
  • Extensive expertise in entrepreneurship, sales management, customer relations, leadership, training, team building, and human resource management.
  • Globally recognized as a Certified Training Professional (CTP) jointly awarded by ITD World and ARTDO International.
  • Certified Trainer for the Human Resource Development Council (PSMB) in Malaysia, showcasing exceptional proficiency in training and development.
  • Distinguished as an international trainer and consultant for ITD World’s prestigious Leadership Development Programs, solidifying expertise in global leadership practices.


  • Sales Leadership Excellence: Mastery in guiding and inspiring sales teams to achieve exceptional results, leveraging proven strategies and effective leadership techniques.
  • Sales Channel Management: Expertise in optimizing sales channels to maximize market reach, improve distribution efficiency, and enhance revenue generation.
  • Retail Sales: Extensive experience and understanding of the dynamics and best practices of the retail sales environment, ensuring impactful sales performance.
  • Motivating Yourself & Others: Proficient in fostering motivation and driving personal and team success, employing techniques that ignite intrinsic motivation and inspire others to excel.
  • Presentation Skills: Adept in crafting and delivering compelling presentations that captivate audiences, conveying key messages with clarity, impact, and persuasiveness.
  • Influencing Skills: Skillful in building influential relationships and employing persuasive techniques to drive desired outcomes and garner support from stakeholders.
  • Personal Excellence & The Success Principles: Strong focus on personal development and mastery, empowering individuals to unlock their full potential and achieve extraordinary success.
  • Training & HR Development: Extensive knowledge and experience in designing and delivering comprehensive training programs and driving human resource development initiatives.
  • Facilitation Skills: Proficient in facilitating engaging and productive sessions, creating a collaborative environment that fosters learning, growth, and effective decision-making.
  • Organizational Development: Strategic expertise in driving organizational change and development, implementing initiatives that enhance efficiency, productivity, and overall performance.
  • Customer Service & Relationship Management: Deep understanding of customer service principles and relationship management strategies to cultivate loyal customer bases and drive customer satisfaction.
  • Effective Communication: Exceptional communication skills, enabling clear and concise conveyance of ideas, fostering understanding, and building strong connections with diverse audiences.


K. Ravinther is an esteemed Senior Consultant at ITD World. With a wealth of academic accomplishments, Ravinther holds a Bachelor of Economics (honours) degree, a Master of Management (distinctions) degree, and an International Masters of Small-medium Enterprise (distinctions) degree from the prestigious University of Malaya in Malaysia. He further expanded his knowledge and horizons at the renowned University of Melbourne and gained invaluable practical management experience during his tenure at Kraft Australia.

Having traversed over 27 countries, Ravinther possesses a profound cross-cultural understanding, which he seamlessly integrates into his professional endeavors. Boasting an impressive 24 years of corporate experience, a significant portion of which was dedicated to Channel Sales Management, Ravinther embarked on his career in Human Resources within the esteemed Public Bank Group. Subsequently, he honed his sales skills at Panasonic Malaysia, where he led a sales team covering Pan-Malaysia. Inspired by a new business venture, he transitioned into the realm of training consultancy, specializing in Sales Training and Customer Relations.

Ravinther’s expertise lies in implementing sales strategies and developing human resources. Immersed in the Matsushita Management philosophy and business principles through practical training, diverse functional responsibilities, and Overseas Training – coupled with his direct experience in leading and managing sales teams and dealers’ networks, he has become an exceptional trainer in Konosuke Matsushita’s business philosophy and result-oriented teamwork.

His fervor for bridging the gap between academia and industry is evident. Since 2009, Ravinther has been instrumental in facilitating successful collaborations between the academic and corporate worlds, aiming to collectively nurture the skills, attributes, and competencies sought by industries in their graduates. This involvement encompasses universities and corporate entities and emphasizes the shared responsibility in workforce development. His expertise lies in establishing sales academies that focus on the development of soft skills, orientation, career counseling, guidance, seasonal working, internships, work shadowing, and work placements.

A sought-after facilitator, Ravinther regularly conducts impactful personal success workshops and seminars on a range of topics including leadership, team building, professional selling skills, channel sales management, motivation, presentation skills, and customer service. Notably, he has provided customized training for esteemed organizations such as Panasonic Malaysia, Maxis, Zuellig Pharma, DiGi, Allianz Life Insurance, Air Asia Academy, ASTRO, HLG Capital, Motorola, SC Johnson, Fonterra, Swisslog, UniAsia General Insurance, TM Point, Inno Biologics Sdn Bhd, Tamico Bell Holdings, Delta Business Solutions, Maybank, and various Malaysian Government Agencies including the Education Ministry, Housing Ministry, and Local Government, among many others.

Driven by his unwavering commitment to transforming work culture and perspectives, Ravinther endeavors to empower leaders within organizations. Firmly believing that individuals must take control of their lives and work to achieve true happiness and productivity, he leaves an indelible mark by enriching their experiences.