Khóa học EQ for Innovative Leadership

This program will enable participants to develop their EQ so that their leadership skills are enhanced with insights into their behaviors and others’.

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Introduction to ITD World’s EQ Training Course

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) helps us understand how and why we react and respond to certain events in the organization. It also helps us to appreciate that our daily encounters are shaped not just by our rational judgment and our personal history but are largely influenced by our perceptions and expectations. EQ styles play a very important role in daily workplace interactions such as:

  • Practicing people skills as leaders.
  • Enhancing communication in the workplace.
  • How we respond to criticisms.
  • How we deal with diversity and adversity.
  • How we manage certain difficult people and situations.
  • How we motivate ourselves and others.

Trí tuệ cảm xúc (EQ)

ITD World’s EQ for Innovative Leadership í designed to enable participants to develop their EQ – so that their leadership skills are enhanced with insights into their own behaviors and others’. To assist in this, supervisors will also be profiled using the Leonard Personality Inventory (LPI). The LPI can identify a person’s emotional orientation and locate a person’s preferred behavioral orientation on any 5 behavioral dimensions, namely Openness, Neutral, Analytical, Relational, and Decisive dimensions.

Why Choose ITD World’s EQ Training Course?

After this program, the learners will be able to:

  • Understand key emotional intelligence (EQ) concepts.
  • Harness their emotional intelligence to release creativity in the
  • Understand and practice innovative leadership.
  • Gain insights into their strengths/ weaknesses and leadership
  • Understand and practice key people skills.
  • Develop enhanced interpersonal relationships.
  • Become better managers and better subordinates.

Training methodology

The training will be conducted based on the latest state-of-the-art interactive training methodologies. Delegates will be exposed to a variety of case studies and expected to participate actively and learn through problem-solving and role plays.

Self-assessment toolkit

Participants of this workshop will receive an LPI personality profiling and the Yong EE inventory from Dr. Leonard Yong to enable them to assess their personality style and their Emotional Excellence Score.

Mô hình tính cách Leonard Personality Inventory

Sample of LPI personality profiling

Content of ITD World’s EQ Training Course

Understanding Emotions: Yourself & Others

  • Understanding Perception.
  • Your preferred behavioral style.
  • Let’s Explore your Openness, Neutral, Analytical, Relational & Decisive behavioral tendencies.
  • Identifying your preferred behavioral style.



  • Openness behavioral tendencies.
  • Neutral behavioral tendencies.
  • Analytical behavioral tendencies.
  • Relational behavioral tendencies.
  • Decisive behavioral tendencies.

Understanding the:

  • Neutral & Analytical combination personality.
  • Neutral & Relational combination personality.
  • Decisive & Analytical combination personality.
  • Relational & Analytical combination personality.

Applying Emotional Excellence

  • The Emotional Intelligence model.
  • The EI Application model – Identify, Manage, Understand and Use Emotions.
  • Charting your Action plan.
  • Understanding your Creative personality characteristics with the LEONARD Personality
  • Building a Climate for Creativity.
  • Convergent & Divergent Thinking.

Building Relationship & Assertive Behaviour

  • Applying the LEONARD model – Maximizing our relationship
    with others and avoid stepping on others’ toes.
  • People skills for building relationships.
  • Developing assertiveness behavior.
  • Recognizing assertive, non-assertive, and aggressive behavior.

Giving and Receiving Criticism

  • Giving and receiving feedback.
  • Communication styles.
  • How personality styles affect feedback.

Leadership And Developing Individual Action Plan

  • Being prepared to lead.
  • Non-alienation for leadership.
  • Leadership & Teamwork.
  • Developing emotional competence.
  • Individual action plan.

Download the course’s full brochure here.

Meet ITD World’s EQ Trainer

Leonard Yong

Trainer: Dr. Leonard Yong

  • Emotional Excellence Consultant and Expert.
  • Inventor of LEONARD Personality Inventory (LPI) and the LPI Software, a psychometric assessment.
  • Internationally renowned consultant, trainer, author, and educational psychologist.
  • Pioneering Director of University Malaya Centre for Continuing Education.

Emotional Excellence at the Workplace Program – facilitated by Prof Dr. Leonard Yong at Menara Public Bank

Emotional Excellence at the Workplace by Prof Dr. Leonard Yong

Thriving Through Emotional Intelligence Masterclass

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Course information

Date: 21-22/03/2024

  • Understanding Emotions.
  • The LEONARD LPI Model.
  • Applying Emotional Excellence.
  • Building Relationship & Assertive Behaviour.
  • Giving and Receiving Criticism.
  • Leadership & Individual Action Plan.

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