The Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Culture Excellence Award recognizes organizations for their outstanding commitment to fostering a coaching culture that contributes to unlocking human potential, enhancing talent development, and driving high-performance outcomes.

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Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Culture Excellence Award

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What is the Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Culture Excellence Award?

Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Culture Excellence Award

The Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Culture Excellence Award is a testament to organizations that have effectively cultivated a robust coaching culture, empowering employees, leaders, teams, and the entire organization to achieve peak performance and exceptional business outcomes.

In partnership with the globally acclaimed executive coach, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, this accolade – issued by ITD World – celebrates the worldwide accomplishments of organizations harnessing coaching to propel development, growth, and transformative change for a better world.

The award’s namesake, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, widely recognized as the foremost executive coach globally and the pioneer of executive coaching, is the patron of the award.

This collaborative endeavor between Dr. Marshall Goldsmith and ITD World is aligned with our shared mission of shaping leaders and fostering positive global change. It is our firm belief that coaching has the power to unlock people’s potential for extraordinary achievements, happiness, and fulfillment in both work and life.

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith and ITD World collaborate closely to establish this award, recognizing organizations that have made substantial contributions to developing a sustainable high-performance coaching culture.

Note: ITD World doesn’t directly evaluate applicants; instead, entries are assessed by an esteemed panel of independent evaluators.

Why Win the Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Culture Excellence Award?

Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Culture Excellence Award

Unique distinction

  • Endorsed by a panel of global experts and coaching, culture, and leadership gurus.
  • Validate your ongoing accomplishments in maintaining a coaching culture that drives high performance for exceptional business outcomes.
  • Recognized by the world’s #1 Executive Coach, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, for your organization’s commitment to building, sustaining, and perpetuating a coaching culture.

Drive organizational momentum

  • Benchmark your talent transformation and development initiatives against the insights and wisdom of global experts and gurus.
  • Establish a coaching culture that aligns internal best practices, KPIs, SOPs, processes, and systems to optimize opportunities for high performance, positively impacting your organization.
  • Leverage the expertise, resources, and support of global coaching gurus to cultivate and strengthen coaching culture best practices for peak talent development in your organization.

Perpetuate industry leadership

  • Showcase your outstanding organizational culture to a broad audience, enhancing brand recognition and attracting and retaining top talent.
  • Institute a robust coaching culture as a catalyst for high performance, leading to sustainable growth.
  • Gain recognition for using coaching at all levels as a key driver of transformation, yielding breakthrough results and a competitive advantage.

Award Process

Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Culture Excellence Award

  • Express your intent: Initiate the application process by notifying ITD World of your intention to apply for the Award.
  • Submission of essential documents: Sign and submit the Data Confidentiality Consent, Confirmation to Submit, and Application Details forms – all of which must reach ITD World at least six months before the final submission deadline.
  • Application preparation: Prepare your application for submission while continuously executing your strategies and plans.
  • Application submission: Submit the completed application and accompanying materials, along with declaration form F4, to ITD World by August 31, 2023, in anticipation of the October 2023 award presentation.
  • Evaluation by esteemed panel: Applications undergo evaluation and endorsement by a distinguished panel of assessors, comprised of eminent global coaching gurus, experts, and past presidents of the world’s leading coaching professional body, ICF.
  • Presentation notification: Shortlisted candidates will be notified of the application presentation date, which occurs two weeks after the final submission date.
  • Presentation delivery: Applicants will deliver a 30-minute live online presentation, elaborating on why their organization merits the award, followed by a 20-minute presentation and a 10-minute Q&A session.
  • Final evaluation: The panel deliberates on the applications and selects the winner, whose results are subsequently communicated.
  • Award ceremony: The Award Winner will be celebrated at a ceremony honoring their exemplary achievements.

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