AEON Vietnam has received the prestigious Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Culture Excellence Award, becoming the first company in the country to achieve this recognition. The award acknowledges the organization’s commitment to creating a robust coaching culture that contributes to unlocking the full potential of its people and driving sustainable growth.

AEON Vietnam Received the Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Culture Excellence Award

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Vietnam’s First Winner

At ITD World’s Global Leadership Team Conference (GLTC) 2023, AEON Vietnam proudly received the prestigious Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Culture Excellence Award for Vietnam. This notable recognition marks AEON as the sole recipient of this honor in the country – competing against representatives from the region, including UOB Singapore and Thaibev Thailand. It acknowledges the company’s remarkable dedication to fostering a robust coaching culture that effectively unleashes the potential of its workforce to drive sustainable growth and maintain a competitive edge.

AEON Vietnam’s commitment to inclusivity, strategic vision, and resourceful integration of coaching to achieve business results stands out and fully justifies this prestigious accolade.

AEON Vietnam Received the Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Culture Excellence Award

Remarks from the Award’s Panel of Judges

In his assessment comments, Sami Bugay, the Head Panellist of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a Master Certified Coach (MCC), expressed deep admiration for AEON Vietnam’s unwavering commitment to success. He remarked:

“The spirit of The Marshal Goldsmith Coaching Culture Award finds a true embodiment in AEON Vietnam.”

Bugay also highlighted one particularly noteworthy initiative: the achievement record system, which provides a motivating pathway for individuals undergoing training to become coaches. He noted:

“The CCE Badge system is aligned with the company mission, vision, and structure.”

Another esteemed panelist, Joao Luiz Pasqual, ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC), wholeheartedly endorsed AEON Vietnam for its dedication to nurturing a coaching culture.

“This approach reflects a profound understanding of the value that effective coaching brings to both individual development and overall organizational success.”

On the other hand, Darelyn DJ Mitsch, a founding member of the ICF and a panelist of the Award, commended AEON Vietnam for their exceptional performance, highlighting their achievement of having managers complete their coaching training during the challenging times of the pandemic.

Professor William Rothwell, another panelist of the award, celebrated AEON Vietnam for presenting a compelling case, and he lauded their outstanding effort. He stated:

“Outstanding effort! I congratulate your organization.”

AEON Vietnam Received the Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Culture Excellence Award

For us at ITD World, we too acknowledged AEON Vietnam’s dedication to talent development through coaching, setting a benchmark for the industry, and inspiring others to pursue excellence and prosperity.

This award, along with the accompanying recognition, serves as a testament to the outstanding success and remarkable achievements of AEON Vietnam, setting them apart as a true leader in the industry.


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