Global Leadership Team Conference 2023

ITD World’s Global Leadership Team Conference (GLTC) 2023 was a major gathering for leaders and executives seeking triumph in today’s ever-evolving business world. Designed to provide attendees with insights into how to craft inventive strategies within the contemporary global business sphere, the event welcomed 4 of the world’s foremost thought leaders – renowned for their accomplishments and innovations – who graciously came to share their expertise and top-notch practices to about 150 leaders from various organizations.

Highlights from GLTC 2023 event

The Global Leadership Team Conference (GLTC) 2023 was replete with remarkable highlights that left attendees inspired and equipped with invaluable insights. One standout feature was the keynote addresses delivered by the four distinguished thought leaders. Their presentations delved into cutting-edge strategies, trends, and best practices that resonated with the rapidly changing business landscape. From disruptive thinking to leadership branding and fulfillment in life, our speakers captivated the audience with their visionary perspectives, offering a roadmap for success in an ever-evolving global business environment.

Another highlight of the GLTC 2023 event was the engaging panel discussions and interactive workshops. These sessions facilitated in-depth conversations and knowledge-sharing among participants. Attendees had the opportunity to actively participate, ask questions, and engage in meaningful dialogues with the experts, fostering a collaborative and dynamic learning environment. Not to mention, the networking opportunities at the event were instrumental in fostering new connections and partnerships, allowing leaders and executives to exchange ideas and best practices.

The well-curated agenda, filled with enriching content and practical takeaways, made GLTC 2023 truly a standout event for all those striving for success in today’s business world!

Winner of the Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Culture Excellence Award

One notable occurrence at the Global Leadership Team Conference (GLTC) 2023 was the issue of the Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Culture Excellent Award. This time – surpassing all other candidates, AEON Vietnam has emerged triumphant and become Vietnam’s first winner of the prestigious award.

We at ITD World would like to send our heartiest congratulations to the team at AEON for their remarkable efforts!

Key moments of GLTC 2023

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